Winning Products Friday Episode 170

Hey Folks

Welcome to the 170th episode of Winning Products Friday, where we show you hot-selling products you can make a fortune dropshipping. 

This time around, we would like to share this cool Mini Home Wall Clock product. 

We know what you are thinking; do people still buy wall clocks? Well, guess what? They still do, and this mini wall clock is a testament to that. 

So far, this product has been sold over 7,000 times from the 3 suppliers we’ve been tracking, and sales are still soaring. 

This is proof that you won’t have problems finding customers as many consumers are in the market for this product. 

Besides high sales volume, you can notice that this product has a mouth-watering profit margin: a whopping $18.16. That’s a whole lot. Not many products come half as close. 

Imagine selling 100 units of this home wall clock in a month. That’s about $1,800 cool cash as profits in your pocket. That’s enough to buy you a nice car or, better yet, go on a holiday trip to Seychelles. 

The cool part is that this wall clock costs very little at a unit price of roughly $3, making it ideal for dropshippers on a tight budget. 

Why this product? 

High sales volume and fantastic profit margins are not the only variables to consider when deciding if a product is okay for dropshipping.  You also need to check to see if it is attractive, solves a problem, is in demand, and many more.   This wall clock kind of checks off all these boxes. 

It’s attractive 

Have you ever wondered why people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a fancy wristwatch? They are certainly not interested in checking the time with it; they just love to have a nice watch wrapped around their wrist. 

The same goes for this wall clock; it looks appealing, making it the ideal souvenir to keep at home. 

It solves a problem 

While it’s true this wall clock makes for a fancy home decor item, it can also come in handy if you need a reliable timepiece to keep track of your day. So it is nice-looking and at the same time functional. 

Impressive stats

One of the easiest ways to tell if a product is a potential hot-seller is by checking the stats it has raked up. This product has done pretty well, stats-wise. 

To begin with, it has grossed nearly $150k in sales since The NEXUS, our A.I-power product research tool, picked it up. 

Interestingly, the Orders Trend chart for this product shows that the demand for it is still growing, and people are falling head over heels to get it. 

It’s not only popular with shoppers but also with sellers as well. 

As proof, if you switch to the Stores Trend tab, you will see this: 

As you can see, many sellers are actively adding it to their stores, indicating there is a large market for it. So far, The NEXUS has picked up 17 stores selling it. 

Below is a breakdown of all the relevant insights you need to know about this product: 

From all we’ve shared so far, it’s abundantly clear that this wall clock is an excellent choice if you are not too experienced with dropshipping and are on a shoestring budget. You can use it to bootstrap your dropshipping business.  

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