Winning Product Fridays Episode 167

Hey Folks!

It’s another awesome episode of Winning Products Friday, where we show you trending dropshipping products you should be selling to make a lot of sales and profits. 

This time around, NEXUS, our A.I-powered product research machine, found a Thermos Food Container product. 

You can notice right off the bat that this product has a very nice profit margin of $19.55, which we believe is very impressive. 

Imagine selling 100 units of this product in a month. That’s almost $2k in profits. 

And if you thought that’s an impossible feat, think again because this product has been sold over 2300 times already, indicating there is a lot of interest around it. 

Why this product? 

First off, it’s hard not to notice how cool this Thermos Food container is. It’s packed with several food compartments, yet very compact and sleek, giving it an edgy look and feel. This makes it a perfect attention-grabber for your customers. 

It’s a problem-solving product!

People often buy products for two primary reasons: to solve a problem or fill an emotional need. In the case of this Thermos Food container, your customers will definitely want to buy it to help them take fresh food to work. 

Nothing can be more delightful than taking freshly made meals to work, and people are willing to spend their last penny to buy a product that affords them this luxury.  

Impressive stats

So far, this product has checked off some boxes: it’s wowing, has a nice profit margin, and it’s highly desirable as it solves a major problem. Well, things are about to get more interesting!

To begin with, sales have been growing steadily since July, when our product research engine first found this product, and so far, it has crossed over 2300 sales. 

At this rate, it will most likely cross 4k in sales by December. 

Another reason we believe this product will perform well is that it has a 5-star product Insight rating, indicating that it has many desirable traits that we use to gauge a product’s worth in the market  

Many stores have been listing this product since April, and so far, we’ve found 9 stores that have listed it. 

This is also proof that it is a trending product, and there is no better time to sell it than now. 

Broad audience 

This product has a broad audience, as it is not gender-specific: both men and women will like to have them. Plus, it fits people of all ages, nationalities, vocations, etc. As such, you won’t have much trouble finding customers. 

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