Winning Product Fridays Episode 125

Baby Sleeping Story Book Flashlight ProjectorWelcome to another episode of winning product Fridays. Today we have another product with awesome stats and an unbreakable emotional connection to the audience.

This baby sleeping story book is not just an ordinary book. It is a flashlight projector that simulates animals, vehicles, and even outer space scenes to stimulate your child’s imagination and curiosity.

This product is selling like hotcakes and is still not over-saturated in the market.

Why This Product?

First, the selling stats are awesome. Moreover, parents wouldn’t hesitate to spend a few bucks to buy their child this flashlight story book.

Some other reasons why this product should be a part of your parenting or toy niche Shopify store are:

Emotional Connection

This flashlight can either be used to give your child a sense of security at night or as an interactive way of learning while playing. Meaning, parents wouldn’t hesitate to buy their child something out of the box.

It comes with 3 pc cards (8 patterns each). The patterns can be animals, outer space scenes, vehicles, or plants.

So, this can be a permanent listing on your Shopify store.

Good Selling Stats

The product has almost 30k orders and it was added to Sell The Trend only 4 months ago. This book flashlight has over $432,000 in sales and the number is rapidly increasing.

Sell The Trend Dashboard

The product cost is less than $1, however, dropshippers are selling it for like $15. That’s a $14 profit margin. Moreover, the product is not oversaturated in the market.

Book Flashlight Sales Chart

It has had 7,727 orders in the last 30 days. The daily order estimate is 235. Even though the sale price is only $15 but the huge sales volume makes up for it.

Orders Trend

The product was added to Sell The Trend’s directory 4 months ago and was last added to a store only 8 days ago. Dropshippers are still finding it hot enough to list on their stores. Don’t wait now!

Evergreen Product

Finally, this children’s story book flashlight is not a seasonal product. It is not over-saturated in the market and can be a permanent listing on your store.

Competitors Analysis

Curious how other dropshippers are doing selling this product? Take help from Sell The Trend’s Store Intelligence and track your competitor’s real-time sales data and insights i.e. orders, profit, Facebook Ads, and more.

Store Intelligence

Overall, this flashlight book is a good choice for novice dropshippers. Due to the product cost and sales price, only a few stores are selling this product but you can make some good amount with the huge sales volume.

Now add this product to your store with the 1-Click Push To Store feature.

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