Winning Product Fridays Episode 120

Wireless LED Night Light

Welcome to another episode of Winning Product Fridays. Today we have another best-selling product that is booming the charts within the last few weeks.

This product hasn’t fully matured in the market and can be a great addition to your home improvement or interior design niche Shopify store.

This wireless LED night light has 2350+ orders within the last 30 days and we have only tracked 3 Shopify stores promoting this product. So, if you’re working in the interior design, LED lights, or home improvement niche, this can be a permanent addition to your Shopify store.

Why This Product?

This wireless light has extremely low competition. Some other reasons to start dropshipping this product include:

Cool Factor

This product has that cool factor to make people click the “Check Out” button. The best part is that it has a motion-sensing range of 10Ft/120 degrees. When you’re out of range, the lights are out after 20 seconds. The sleek and simple design, intelligent lighting, simple installation, and magnetic attraction make it one of its kind. Thus, your targeted audience won’t hesitate to spend $20-25 on this night bedroom LED light.

Impressive Stats

The average cost price of this product is $8.57, and stores are selling it for an average of $21. Yes, the profit margin is somewhat tight, but the huge number of orders makes up for that.

Sell The Trend Dashboard

Moreover, it has 537 orders within the last 7 days across 3 Shopify stores that we’re tracking. The sales are still increasing. The total sales are $170,163 as of now.

Wireless Light Sales Chart

This night bedroom LED light was last added to a Shopify store 2 weeks ago. The product hasn’t matured fully yet and there is still room for you to promote and sell it like hotcakes.

LED Light Stores Chart


Evergreen Product

It’s not a seasonal product. This is an evergreen product and will always do good throughout the year. You can promote this wireless bedroom light in 2022.

Facebook Marketing

Wireless lights are trending these days. You might have seen a few Facebook ads yourself of wireless motion-sensing lights by now. Brands are promoting and getting a good number of orders every day.

LED Light Facebook Ads

Here’s an example, a Shopify-based brand is promoting wireless night lights via Facebook Ads and the response is amazing. Not sure what and who to target on Facebook? Take help from our Facebook Targeting ideas or use our Facebook Audience Builder to streamline the process. Facebook Targeting In a nutshell, wireless motion-sensing LED lights are good enough to promote in 2022. If you want to add the same product to your store, use our one-click Push To Store feature and start selling right now!

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