Winning Product Fridays Episode 119

360 Degree Power Showerhead Welcome to another episode of Winning Product Fridays. Today, we have come up with something that we believe will sell like hotcakes. This product has a unique cool factor, amazing selling stats, and profit margin.

This 360° Rotatable Power Shower Head has 2400+ orders that we tracked within the last 30 days. It fully mixes the hot and cold water to protect your delicate skin and gives an amazing spa experience at home.

Overall, it’s a great product for niche-based Shopify stores or dropshippers who want to start a one-product Shopify store.

Google Trends

Showerheads was always a hot niche in e-commerce. You can search online and find dozens of showerheads, some that offer 360-rotation while some will offer different power settings. There’s so much variety that you can start a niche-based showerhead Shopify store. Here is the Google Trend’s interest over time for showerheads:

Google Trends Interest Chart

The trend is stable, and this power showerhead can be a permanent listing on your Shopify store.

Why This Product?

Is it worth spending your time and money on this product? Who will buy this product? Well, here are a few wow factors why this product is a must-have listing on your dropshipping store:

Cool Factor

A showerhead is a basic product, but honestly, the design of this 360-degree showerhead is pretty cool. It is available in multiple colors and from the looks of it, I think the audience won’t hesitate to spend $25-30 on it. The crystal diamond plating can easily withstand high temperatures. Moreover, it is detachable, easy to clean, features a 4-point water inlet, and is corrosion-resistant – all the more reasons why you should go for this product.

Selling Stats

We have tracked over 10k orders so far and the numbers are still increasing.

Order Statistics

It has over 2400 orders in the last 30 days and has an excellent 5-star product insights rating.


Sell The Trend Dashboard


The product cost is less than $2 and the average selling product on dropshipping Shopify stores is $27.41. That’s straight $25 profit margin.


The product is selling on only 8 stores and is not over saturated in the market. We have had products with over 30 sellers, and they still make a good profit out of it. There are 5 reputed suppliers of this product on AliExpress, so you don’t have to worry about the supply/demand issue.

Facebook Targeting

Confused if this product will bring any leads with Facebook Ads? Well, brands are already promoting this product on Facebook and Insta and making a good amount of sales every day.   Here is an example. This brand is promoting the same showerhead on Facebook and the response is enormous.

Facebook Ads

You can take help from our Facebook and Instagram Audience builder to target the right audience.

Facebook Targeting

In a nutshell, this 360-degree showerhead is a good product with promising selling stats and wow-factors. It can bring in a good number of orders with the right execution.

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