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Winning Product Friday Episode 244

Hey folks! 

It’s Friday again, and we are stoked to have you on the 244th edition of our Winning Product Friday digest. 

As you may already know, our goal with this weekly digest is to make it easy for you to find profitable, in-demand products to dropship. This is because we know how time-consuming it can be to find these products, so we thought it wise to relieve you of the stress. 

That being said, in today’s episode, we will review this awesome Shoe Cabinet we picked up on TikTok. Here’s a snapshot of it: 

Here’s a couple of interesting things you can notice about this product by merely glancing at the screenshot above: 

  • The product video has been viewed 100K times on TikTok – and still counting. 
  • TikTok users viewing this product have dropped 1.6K likes, shared the video 154 times, and commented 11 times. 

These numbers might not look like much, but they are sure proof that the product is getting some serious attention. It also means it has the potential to generate good sales should you decide to dropship it. 

Still skeptical about dropshipping this product? Here’s something else that will interest you: 

The chart you see above is what we refer to as the Real Trends Chart. It depicts how consumer interest in a product has changed with time. As you can see, that interest has been going up since the beginning of this month when we first spotted it. 

If this doesn’t convince you that this product will sell well, we don’t know what else will. 

How to Start Dropshipping This Product

If you are ready to start dropshipping this shoe cabinet, the very first thing you have to do is find a dropshipping supplier. Thankfully, if you run your dropshipping store on Sell The Trend, you can do that very easily. All you have to do is click the Supplier Finder button like so:

Upon clicking, you will see a popup appear which contains a list of suppliers selling the product. All you have to do now is import into your store by clicking the Add to Store button. 

Don’t have an online store yet? We recommend you build one using SHOPS. SHOPS is our intuitive visual website editor that enables you to create stunning storefronts for your dropshipping business. It’s easy to use and very pocket-friendly.

After you’ve added the product to your store, the next step is to promote it. You can do this using Facebook ads. We recommend taking our no-nonsense Facebook ads course to gain insights to craft ads that convert.