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The Move is on! Shopify Price Increase

Have you heard the news? 

Shopify has just raised its plan prices across the board!  

So does this new price increase affect you?  

In this post i’ll be going over all the details as well as an alternative you can start using right now that is cheaper, better and much easier to use than Shopify.  But if you are more the watching type, checkout this video we did on this!

Now, let’s start by going over some details about this price hike.  Checking out Shopify’s new pricing page shows that the basic plan, which most of you are probably on, is moving up from 29 dollars per month up to 39!  

That’s a full 10 dollar price increase which is like a 35% hike over the previous price.  

Other plans are going up as well for the Shopify and Advanced plans. 

This new pricing is effective immediately –  so if you have not signed up to shopify yet, you’ll need to pay 39 per month once the free trial is over. 

Now the part that might be interesting to some of you is that if you already have a shopify plan, you’re not quite safe from this massive price increase either.    

As of April 23, 2023, this new pricing will go into effect for existing shopify stores as well.  So if you are currently paying 29 dollars, then you’ll automatically start paying 39 dollars for your monthly shopify plan.

Now this price increase is quite shocking but as promised, I got you… 

Let’s all take a deep breath and talk about something good…  

Let’s talk about Sell The Trend – a less expensive, easier to setup and more feature rich ecommerce platform.   

Sell The Trend is an all-in-one ecommerce platform built specifically for dropshippers.   That means if you are starting out in dropshipping this is the only app you will need – that’ it… 

Now Let’s go through a point by point comparison between Shopify and Sell The Trend.   


Starting with Price.  Shopify as we just talked about is now $39 for their basic plan, Sell The Trend on the other hand, you can start with as low as $24.97!   That’s a saving of $14 per month.  

Now Price is important but it’s not everything…  how a store looks and functions accounts for the majority for your visitor’s first impressions as well as your sales. 

Above you can see two stores.   The store on the left is built on Shopify, and the one on the right is built using Sell The Trend…   both look professional and will get you sales, but the Sell The Trend store was much easier and faster to setup since it includes one click setup functions.

These functions can setup your shipping rates with the click of a button or auto create all your essential store pages with a touch of the mouse! –  now that is progress…

Winning Products

Next is winning products… You really can’t grow a dropshipping business without those.. If you’re on Shopify… well you’re gonna have to find those products yourself. 

You might end up spending hours scouring facebook, tiktok or a ton of other time consuming methods –  or pay a monthly fee for an app that will show you these winners.  

Now Sell The trend is already the leading winning product discovery app and comes included with searchable Aliexpress and cjdrosphipping winners right out of the box.  You can even get Premium winning products directly on the app as well… no fuss, no heavy lifting and no time wasted.  

Reliable Suppliers

Let’s move on to Reliable Suppliers… Shopify…  you’re outta luck.. 

You gotta find those suppliers yourself or add an app that will show you suppliers.  

Sell The Trend comes with ranked and rated suppliers for every product in the app – Ready to ship to your customers today.  

You even have access to the AI Supplier finder that will automatically find additional suppliers so you can pick the best price and shipping that works for you. 


Now One of the nice things about shopify is being able to install apps that will help in increasing your revenue on every order – so you can make more money per sale.    

Unfortunately those apps are usually an additional monthly charge.  So your shopify basic plan price of $39 per month is just a start.   According to shopify most stores have 6+ apps installed.  You can only imagine what your real monthly bill will be!  it’s like you are just burning money at this point.   

So how do you get around these extra expense?  You guessed it!  Sell The Trend… 

Sell The Trend already comes with apps that every dropshipper needs like a currency converter to serve customers from different countries, real customer reviews on every product that will provide social proof and increase your sales, a discount popup so you can build your email list and re-market to your new and existing customer and much more! 

Store Automation

Once your store starts getting orders, you want to make sure that those orders go out on time and with zero issues, that’s why you need store automation.   

With Shopify… sorry… there’s no store automation.  

You will again need to install apps that will import products to your store, sync your inventory with the suppliers, help you fulfill orders and send out notification to your customers once those orders ship.  

Those extra apps usually take a long time to setup, you guess it will come with an extra monthly charge and will require you to reach out to a different provider for each app if you have any support issues.   

With Sell The Trend…  it’s all included..  Complete 1-click store automation from listing products, fulfilling orders, and sending out timely tracking numbers to your customers.  

This will result in huge time saving for you and more repeat sales from happy customers. 


And if that’s not enough,  let’s add in essential extras like a complete a-to-z dropshipping course, easy video ads creator, a facebook audience builder and it becomes quite obvious why Sell The Trend should be your only choice if you’re a dropshipper in 2023!  

Migrate from Shopify To Sell The Trend

Now… you might be saying, that’s great, but im already on Shopify!  How can I take advantage of Sell The Trend and reduce my monthly bills and move to a better dropshipping platform?

Have no fear! Sell The Trend includes a migration tool that will move your entire shopify store including all products and collections to Sell The Trend with just a coupla clicks.  It’s like magic!  Checkout this video for all the details



This sudden pricing increase by Shopify has sent shockwaves across the ecommerce and dropshipping community.   It’s 2023!  It’s the start of a new year and it’s time to finally move to a platform that is created with the dropshipper in mind.  Give Sell The Trend a try, I’m pretty confident you will not be disappointed.   Get started here with a no hassle 7-day free trial.