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Ecom Influencer: Andy Mai

Dropshipping Entrepreneur Andy MaiEcom and consulting mastermind Andy Mai is pretty much the poster child for persistence and not giving up.   It was this persistence though some early difficult days in his dropshipping journey that allowed him to push through towards the success he’s currently enjoying.   With a growing YouTube channel, two successful stores, a mentoring business as well as an App on the way, Andy shows us exactly what it means to be a multifaceted Entrepreneur in 2019.

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STT: Can you tell our members a little bit about yourself?

Hi my name is Andy Mai,  I’ve sort of done over $500,000 in e-comm sales.   The first dollar I made was when I was working at McDonald’s at the age of fourteen, I think I was earning $7.90 Australian dollars per hour that’s roughly $5 USD an hour at the age of 14.   Then my next job was Kmart as a retail assistant followed by a stint as a swimming coach and then after that I got into dropshipping.  After dropshipping I got into consulting and teaching people how to find the same level of success as I did as well as continuing to work with a few number of branded dropshipping stores. 

I grew my youtube channel to12,000 subscribers over the past year.  I think I hit my first 5,000 and in the span of several months then it sort of slowed down since I sort of stopped uploading videos daily.   it’s been roughly a year now and I’m at 12,000 subscribers. 

STT: When did you start out in ecom?

AM: I started ecom roughly at the beginning of 2018. 

STT: When did you have your first big success/winning product? what was the product?

AM:  My first winning product I believe was selling a hair coloring wax that sort of blew up on Instagram and it was really big at the time.  It was a hair wax that you could sort of apply to your hair and instantly change your hair color.

STT: How much did you make on your first winning product?

AMThat product probably got me roughly $10,000  to 20,000 in sales.  That was my first ever winning product. 

STT: Did you buy any toy/toys with your earnings?

AM: Luckily I did not.  With all my money I would just reinvest it into mentorships seminars and flights to your U.S.   I sort of haven’t splurged.  I’m still saving just cause I’m still currently learning from other people.  I have a bunch of mentors I work with and learn from and you know I don’t really get paid if I’m helping them out so I’m just using my savings to sustain myself whether it’s overseas in Australia or in America, so I’ve just sort of been saving my profits.

STT: Were there any hard moments/times before you made your breakthrough that you would like to share?

AM: Definitely! Before I found that first winning product it was six months of constant testing and testing thousands of products – not thousands but hundreds of products.   I was testing five products every single day for six months and I was five thousand dollars in debt. I was five thousand dollars down before I found that hair wax product.  The moment I found that hair wax product I was able to make back that five grand plus make another five to ten grand on top of that.   So that’s why it’s really important to find that one winner, once you got that one winner it will make back all your previous losses.

STT: What is something that most people don’t know about you and they would be surprised to find out?

AM: I think people would be surprised that I was pretty lazy and shy when I was younger.  I used to always procrastinate.   I used to always be shy and had struggled in talking to people and talking in front of a camera.   That sort of just lets people know that with practice and time if you work on things and not procrastinating things can workout.   So just talking to people, slowly talking to one person, then talking to two people and then talking to groups and then talking in front of a camera.   Start recording,  just a silent recording where it’s like a screen walkthrough and sort of build up to talking and then eventually putting yourself on camera that’s all it takes just practice and time.

STT: What does a typical day in your week look like?

Dropshipping Entrepreneur Andy Mai bridgeAM: My typical day is I wake up at roughly 6:00a.m.   I work out for an hour.  I do planks and push-ups and I just stretch and then from 7:00am to 9:00am I work on my own projects,  whether it is YouTube, my Instagram, creating content or jumping on a course helping students etc…  And then from 9:00am I have breakfast.   At around 10:00am to 3:00 p.m. I work on my other ecom stores.  I have two stores.  One is music chests and the second one’s called Bomber & Company.    I’m also working on a App with one of our mentors in the United States.  So those are things I’ve been working on when I’m not working on my YouTube channel.

STT: What do you like to do when you are not working?

AM: I love traveling.  I like hiking and camping, so just getting to those spots that not many people can reach through just sheer hiking.  I love taking photos, vlogging, filming and listening to music.   I watch TV shows here and there – really into the show Billions at the moment.   Recently finished Game of Thrones, that was pretty cool.   Cooking that’s sort of something I’m getting into.   I’ve been spending more and more time cooking recently and just learning and mastering the art of cooking.

STT: What is the most important piece of advice you can give to new entrepreneurs starting out today?

AM: My biggest advice is that when you’re just starting all you need to do is start.  Don’t just keep watching youtube videos.  Actually put in the effort and apply what is taught.  Put yourself in a position where you’re able to spend money every day whether it’s testing products, keeping your Shopify store open, or paying for apps.  Find a way to sustain that, whether it is a part-time job or if you save up a bunch of money over time.   Do not be afraid to spend money to test.   You can only make money by spending money.   I think there’s like a quote “fortune favours the bold”, so you definitely don’t want to play it safe to succeed in business.   You got to take calculated risk and that’s my biggest advice.

STT: What’s your plans for the next 2, 5 and 10 years.  What’s your future vision for your business?

AM: I usually don’t plan that far, but my plan for the next two years is to successfully be able to transition over to the United States.  I’m currently working on getting my visa, as well as providing as much value as I can for the mentors and brands I work with over there.   My goal by the next five years is that I have probably learned as much as I can from all these mentors – these tasks, all the things I’m juggling together and in five years time I want to have saved all this money.  I will be then able to just look for that opportunity for me to pounce on.  In ten years, hopefully about ten years, I would be able to then retire and just sort of you know have a more relaxed life,  something that will allow me to travel more often as well as do business on the side as a hobby.   That’s my goal for ten years.

STT: Anything new you are working on that you are excited about?

AM: What I am really excited about is that I’m jumping back onto my youtube channel.   I’m rebranding the channel and I’m looking to provide videos daily again and provide valuable videos.   This is because I feel like there is a gap in the YouTube space when it comes to value and I feel like everyone sort of spitting out the same content.   I’m looking to give what people need and what people tend to hide as an upsell. I’m looking to give away everything.  I already dropped two whole courses on my youtube channel and I’m looking to provide more free value.   

I’m also aiming to pick up many many more students.   I’m gonna work with students personally one-on-one because you know I feel like a course isn’t really adequate when it comes to breeding success.   I believe the only way you could breed success is if you mainly work with each person, one on one, because you’ll be able to deal with each situation as it arrives.   What I’m going to do is create a library, a directory, of success stories that I was able to help create and I just want to create basically a community of success stories.  Bringing people from basically zero to making six figures a month, that is my goal so if you’re interested in free knowledge please check out my youtube Channel.  You can hit me up on my Instagram and my mentorship link is in my youtube videos where you can apply for my mentorship program.   If you’re looking to fast-track your success when it comes to e-commerce and dropshipping, or looking to become one of my next success stories then hit me up.  Thank you to Sell The Trend for having me on, I really appreciate it!


Thank you Andy for sharing your ecom journey and your knowledge with our members! Make sure to hit up Andy on his socials if you are looking for mentorship or his youtube channel where he’s dropping free quality content.