Ecomhunt Review 2020: Can We Find Some Winning Products?

Ecomhunt Review 2020: Can We Find Some Winning Products?

Dropshipping is one of the most lucrative online businesses to start in 2020. Though the competition in e-commerce has increased dramatically in the last few years, it doesn’t mean you can’t make money with dropshipping. 

With a handsome capital, adequate planning, and some basic to intermediate knowledge of digital marketing, one can start an e-commerce store that may start selling in the first few weeks.

According to industry experts, product research is one of the most important factors when launching an e-commerce store. This means if you succeed in finding those wow-factor products trending in the market, your chances of selling just increased by 200%. That being said, let’s find out if Ecomhunt, the leading product research tool, can help you or not. 

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Ecomhunt Review 2020

Ecomhunt is a great dropshipping tool for people new to Facebook targeting and product hunting. 

Selecting an outdated product or not being able to define your Facebook audience can put your entire dropshipping business at risk. 

Ecomhunt Review 2020: Can We Find Some Winning Products?

So, how does it work? 

Well, Ecomhunt saves you the effort to find trending products to sell on your dropshipping store. New products are added each day and each product is backed up with the following data:

  • Product cost and selling price
  • Analytics
  • Product links
  • Video content
  • Facebook ads tracking
  • Engagement
  • Facebook targeting and more

Many Shopify, Woocommerce, and Amazon store owners are using Ecomhunt on a daily basis to generate more sales in their store. 

Another great feature of Ecomhunt is that it gives you easy access to leading stores selling that product – just like SellTheTrend.


  • Niche Products:Ecomhunt is not all about winning products. You can even find trending products in different categories i.e. health, sports, fitness, medical, tech, etc. 
  • Hot Fast Selling Products:Ecomhunt users always have a clearer idea of hot products in the market. Thus, you can rank them before they get viral. 
  • Facebook Targeting:Irrespective of your niche, the majority of your targeted audience is on Facebook. Ecomhunt makes it easier for its members to track product ads and create better ad campaigns on Facebook. 
  • Easy to Use:Unlike most product research tools, Ecomhunt has a user-friendly interface. Even newbies don’t have any problem navigating through the platform. 


  • Limited Products: Only a few products are added each day. So, if you have a dropshipping store with huge sales already, you might not find products daily.
  • Trial Version is Limited: Trial version is too limited. You only get to search for 2 products per day. Therefore, you must pay the subscription price to enjoy Ecomhunt to its fullest. 

Key Features

The selling factor of Ecomhunt is its unmatched features that help marketers make quick cash on their dropshipping stores. 

Listing Selling/Trending Products daily

If you are thinking of using Ecomhunt, rest assured that it provides you with the best-selling product recommendations. Several products are added each day with real-time analytics. 

Ecomhunt Review 2020: Can We Find Some Winning Products?

After you log in, just click on the “Show Me the Money” button and you will be redirected to the product page backed up with a lot of useful information i.e. profit margin, analytics, links, engagement, and more. 

Ecomhunt Review 2020: Can We Find Some Winning Products?

Want to import the same product using Shopify Oberlo App? Well, just click on the “Sell with Oberlo” and you are set off to sell it on your store. 

Product Analytics

This is another selling factor of Ecomhunt – product profits and analytics. Scroll down the product page and you will see the following stats that’ll better help you determine if it’s the right choice for your Shopify store:

Ecomhunt Review 2020: Can We Find Some Winning Products?

You not only get a clear idea of the product’s selling potential but also the actual budget you will need to start running ads. 

The total number of social media engagements, shares, likes, and comments on the product helps in making the right decision. 

Existing Stores Selling a Product

After thorough research, you finally found a product with a huge selling potential. A product that could make you $10k in sales. What is the next step? What if industry tycoons are selling that product? What about the competition? 

This is where Ecomhunt shines again. 

Ecomhunt allows you to spy on the store selling these products. Click on the “Hunt These Stores” button on the product page and you’ll come across a list of Shopify stores selling that product. 

 Ecomhunt Review 2020: Can We Find Some Winning Products?

Similarly, you can also find the AliExpress supplier of the product. 

Unfortunately, these features are only available to Pro Members. As I said, the free membership is going to limit the features. 

So, if you’re serious about this, I suggest going for the Pro membership right away. Guess what? Ecomhunt offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the platform for any reason, they offer a refund – no questions asked!

Some Additions to Ecomhunt

If you are new to dropshipping, Ecomhunt has a section “Webinars & Tutorials” where you can learn more about dropshipping, using Ecomhunt, and traits to find that wow-factor product that every drop shipper wants. 

Moreover, they also have a blog with dozens of useful articles.

Final Verdict

Ecomhunt is the cheapest dropshipping product research tool to find the hottest products in your niche. However, the information provided on the platform seems too limited. 

Still, many product research tools beat Ecomhunt in terms of features and product analytics.

You can always opt for the free membership and see if it’s worth the price. However, some of its main features are only accessible for Pro Members. 

In case of further questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a reply and we’ll be more than happy to assist.