Why You Should Choose CJDropshipping for Your Dropshipping Business

Why You Should Choose Cjdropshipping for Your Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is becoming the most popular model for eCommerce. It is easier to start for beginners, requires less capital and no restrictions on working time and place. However, choosing the platform is crucial in the industry since suppliers and logistics are the keys. CJdropshipping (CJ) is a China-based one-step service platform that provides all kinds of services specifically designed for dropshippers, for example, product sourcing, automatic process processing, shipping and customized products, etc. CJ is well-integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay and other online shopping platforms for the sake of dropshippers.

Easy to start for anyone

CJ’s platform is very user-friendly. You can easily connect your online shop with CJ and all the orders you have in your stores can be synced seamlessly to CJ’s system, and it becomes more efficient to manage orders.

Why You Should Choose Cjdropshipping for Your Dropshipping Business

(Stores connected with CJ)

No extra fees

Unlike some other platforms, CJdropshipping does not charge any extra fees such as setup fee, monthly fee or storage fee. CJ even provides you with free sourcing, which will be explained later. CJ only charges for the products you buy and shipping cost.

No minimum order quantity with wholesale prices

CJ products are cheaper than other platforms most of the time because CJ source them directly from manufacturers and CJ has many cooperated factories to lower the price even more. Moreover, CJ does not require MOQ on any orders.

CJ’s price is more transparent; Aliexpress provides “free shipping” on some items, but the shipping cost is actually added to the product cost. So you are paying twice for the shipping when you buy two same items at once. For example, as the pictures shown blow, when buying two items, the shipping fee on CJ does not change. On the other side, Aliexpress will charge twice. You can tell this by increasing the quantity of the products. Why paying more when you can pay less?

Why You Should Choose Cjdropshipping for Your Dropshipping Business

Sourcing and listing any products with quality inspection

A good supplier ensures the foundation of a dropshipping business. As a supplier, CJ already has more than 400 thousand products on the platform, but it still cannot fulfill everyone’s needs. Therefore, CJdropshipping provides customers with free sourcing request. If you cannot find what you desire on the platform, you can submit a sourcing request to CJ and the sourcing team will get back to you in 2-4 days depending on the current sourcing volume.

Another great feature customers can use is listing. If customers find some great products on CJ and want to sell them in their stores, they can make use of this function to list the products back to their stores, and it is really easy to do so. In order to make sure the products are up to standard, CJ will have quality inspection for each product before they are shipped out. If any product is not qualified, it will be sent back to the factory and a new one will be provided.

Why You Should Choose Cjdropshipping for Your Dropshipping Business

Global warehouses to better support your business

CJ has eight warehouses globally, which better support worldwide dropshippers to dropship internationally. CJdropshipping warehouses are located: 3 in China, 2 in the US, 1 in Thailand, 1 in Germany, and 1 in Indonesia. CJ plans to build warehouses in France and UK this year to expand European market. Additionally, there are more warehouses that are cooperating with CJ, known as CJ supplier warehouses. Customers can check out all the available warehouses on CJ’s website. If the product you want is in stock at a CJ warehouse close to the destination, it will only take 3-7 days for the item to be delivered. You can also pre-stock the products in the closest warehouses to reduce the shipping time.

Why You Should Choose Cjdropshipping for Your Dropshipping Business

Reliable logistics with reasonable price

To provide customers with better experience, CJ upgraded the shipping service and reached agreement with the airlines and transport companies. CJ’s unique shipping method CJPacket will be shipped with special airplanes and trucks, which will greatly shorten the delivery time with reasonable prices.

Compared with Aliexpress’ shipping (Aliexpress provides “free shipping” on some items, but the shipping cost is actually added to the product cost), CJ’s logistics are faster and cheaper, especially for ordinary items over 285g, the estimated delivery time will be 5-7 days, faster than other shipping methods.

For customers who have stable and bulk orders daily, CJ suggests them to consider pre-stocking the hot-selling products of their stores in global warehouses. This way, the processing time and shipping time can be reduced dramatically. Customers only pay for the product cost when pre-stocking, and pay for shipping cost when the product is shipped to the final customers.

POD and customized packaging to building your brand

POD, print-on-demand, is a great feature CJ provides in case you want to build your own brand. You can check out all the POD products on CJ’s POD section. Customers can design the item with their logos or pictures and connect them with customized packaging to build a unique brand. Most surprisingly, there is no minimum order quantity on most POD products as well. You could also let your customers design the products to satisfy their needs.

Why You Should Choose Cjdropshipping for Your Dropshipping Business

Product photo and video shooting to improve your sales

CJ provides photo and video shooting services for customers to better sell the products. The photographers will take professional pictures of the products under your requirements to make it even more appealing to your customers.

7/24 customer support with your private agent

CJdropshipping is a real customer-oriented company. You will be assigned to a free CJ agent that will guide you from your very first steps on the platform and helps you understand better their services. Once you are on the homepage, you will see a small chat window at the left bottom part. You can get in touch with your personal CJ agent there and get his contacts. You can contact your agent if you come across any issue, for instance, store authorization, sourcing the items with variations, order fulfillment, etc.

Why You Should Choose Cjdropshipping for Your Dropshipping Business

Last words

Dropshipping is trending as the younger generations cannot live without internet, and especially under the influence of this terrible pandemic. With the help of CJ, dropshipping becomes much easier to do even for beginners. You are free from worrying about choosing dropshipping suppliers, logistics. CJ can even help you to find hot-selling product. Dream big and start your business with CJdropshipping today.