What Companies Offer Dropshipping?

What Companies Offer Dropshipping?

If you’re new to the business world, it is inevitable that you have found yourself in the search of some dropshipping companies you can potentially become partners with. Nothing attracts customers to the dropshipping business than the idea of zero investment policy. 

As long as you have got yourself a website, you can start dropshipping. You simply have to register with a company and start marketing their items. In most cases, the logistics of shipping and delivery is handled by the company and yet, you get a generous commission. 

We thought it would be a good idea to make a list of the best dropshipping companies you can become partners with. 

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1 . Oberlo

Oberlo is a plugin service that works specifically for Shopify stores. You can browse through Oberlo’s massive library of suppliers and products and choose the items you think would best suit the theme of your store and your target customers. 

Oberlo allows its partners plenty of perks depending on the plan you’re subscribed to. You can see the ranking of a seller, their total sales and the traffic the seller gets. Once an order has been placed on your Shopify website, you will have to allow access to Oberlo so they can ship the item to the customer. 

There is a starter plan on Oberlo which is completely free and what you should start with if you’re completely new into the dropshipping business. Afterwards, you can upgrade to $30 per month which is the basic plan. This plan allows you to track your shipment and monitor that the order is fulfilled, along with raising your sale limit from 50 to a whopping 500. Once you’ve managed to fulfill 500, you can upgrade to $80 Pro plan which has more perks. 

2. SaleHoo

You can start with the 60 days free trial to decide whether you’re satisfied with the company. The yearly membership is $67 and grants its user access to the entire database of drop shippers and wholesalers. 

Currently, SalesHoo has over 8000 supplies. These items have all been screened by the company to ensure these products are all in good condition before they consider adding it to their library. 

What makes SalesHoo a great option is clear customer service. Its users appear to be highly satisfied with the companies policy and how they handle situations. 

3. Spocket

Rather than completely a dropshipping company, Spocket is a database website of sorts. It contains lists of products that which is specifically listed for different countries that you can select for your Shopify store.

 It makes the job of narrowing down the shipping regions easier as you can select the items that will be shipped from your country rather than from some other country, thereby getting rid of slow shipping speed. 

There is the basic plan which is free and allows for the selection of 25 products with no limit on the order. The pro plan asks for $49 per month and upgrades the product range to 250 along with invoicing from your brand. The Empire plan works for $99 per month with no limit on products. 

It’s time you start your journey of dropshipping!