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9 Sales Tactics that Work for Clothing Fashion Dropshippers

9 Sales Tactics that Work for Clothing Fashion Dropshippers

Is your fashion dropshipping store profitable or are you losing money daily? Fashion dropshipping, when done right, is highly rewarding. Which means that it is also competitive as several fashion dropshippers have to gain market share to thrive. 

The winning fashion dropshippers are those who are operating with sales strategies that work. It’s not enough to import a product to your store, set up ads, and sit back waiting for the purchases to flood in. You have to put in some extra effort to earn those sales. 

As a fashion dropshipper looking to increase your brand’s sales, you need an effective sales plan to stand out from the crowd.

So here’s a list of 9 effective sales tactics to improve sales in clothing fashion dropshipping. 

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9 Sales Tactics to Win at Clothing Fashion Dropshipping

1. Use videos to attract customers

Customers relate even better with videos, which explains why video demonstrations are increasingly popular in the fashion industry. People love to see realistic representations of the clothes they’re buying before making that purchasing decision. 

Videos also perform well as ads, and using them would increase your brand engagements, which attracts customers to your brand, and converts them to your store. 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social video according to TubularInsights; this explains why videos are great sale tactics for fashion dropshippers USA.

2. Use reviews and testimonials to build customers’ trust

Generally, customer trust is a great way to increase the sales of any business. When people start to trust you, they buy from you and also tell their friends about your business. When it comes to fashion dropshipping, customers are often sceptical about the quality of clothing being sold, delivery timelines, and the trustworthiness of a brand.

As a fashion dropshipper, one great tactic to improve sales is to add customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials to your blog. These customer reviews provide new buyers with all they need to know about the experience of other buyers building their trust in your brand, motivating them into completing a purchase.

3. Showcase your top-selling items

To improve sales in clothing dropshipping, you should get to know your customers, what they like or what they would possibly like. Often, online shoppers will browse through a website to find something that interests them, so you should give them some direction.

Let them know what people are buying the most by including a ‘best seller’ or ‘top-selling category’ which they can browse through to find anything they want. This best selling category should consist of products with the highest sales margins from all categories.

4. Offer more discounts

We all love a good sale, and in fashion dropshipping, reduced prices and discounts are bound to boost sales. People love any attempt to save money and are often quick to snap up discount offers, which in turn increases your brand’s engagement, customer traffic, and sales.

When putting up discounts, be sure to specify what items are up for sale and how long the discount would last for. People are more likely to make their purchase decision quicker if they know there are limited discounted products, and they have only a few days to make a purchase.

5. Ramp up promotions for the holidays

Another great sales tactic for fashion dropshippers is to offer sales on key holidays during the year. Each year, there are specific holidays such as Christmas, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day, where people go on shopping sprees to find the perfect gift for their loved ones.

Take advantage of these holidays to promote your products by offering holiday sales and breaking out your best offers to target new and existing customers. Market them as ‘the perfect gift’ or ‘the best way to show someone you care’.

6. Create a sense of urgency

When selling clothing on an eCommerce site, you need to include a sense of urgency to get customers to buy. Impulse buying forms the bulk of online shopping, and the fear of missing out on a product helps customers make that quick decision to make a purchase.

Limited stock and flash sales are a great way to create a sense of urgency among customers to make a purchase. Customers would be prompted into buying more to get the best of the sale.

7. Accept different payment options

Another tactic urban clothing dropshippers can use in improving sales is to offer customers different payment options. Limiting payment to only Visa and MasterCard alienates potential customers who do not use these payment channels. In fact, some customers may get to the payment stage and have to cancel their orders because you do not take their primary payment method.

To prevent this, make sure to accept debit and credit card payments as well as alternative payment options such as Apple Pay. This way, the checkout process is a lot easier for customers, and in turn, your sales are also improved.

8. Free delivery

A great tip to improving the sales of your eCommerce clothing dropshipping store is to consider offering free delivery on purchases over a certain amount. Free delivery is another sales tactic bound to capture the interest of new and existing customers.

Delivery fees often scare many customers away from online shopping; in some cases, the cost of delivering an item maybe twice or three times its price. As a result, many fashion shoppers tend to choose walk-in shopping over shopping online. To increase sales, offer customers free delivery on certain days of the week, for instance, Fridays, or on purchases over a specific amount.

9. Offer excellent customer support

Customers love excellent customer support, and it always keeps them coming back for more. This is why offering exceptional customer support is a tactic many clothing dropshippers use to draw in customers. Customers are more willing to spend money on a brand that treats them right.

Pay close attention to your customer’s demands and complaints, and try to resolve them. Excellent customer service would keep them coming back for more and even have them telling their friends about your brands.

Many clothing dropshippers often complain about slow sales and are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to improve their sales. This guide would help you with creating an effective sale strategy bound to increase your dropshipping sales.