10 Business Tips for Dropshipping Newbies?

10 Business Tips for Dropshipping Newbies?

If you are new to the digital marketing and entrepreneurship world, you’ll hear the use of term Dropshipping a lot. 

Dropshipping allows new entrepreneurs to sell without manufacturing them or carrying them in an inventory.

The product manufacturer will create the product, package it, and will ship it to your customer. You’re just a link between the manufacturer and the customer. 

So, let’s start with the basics of Dropshipping and then get into how you can get success in the dropshipping business

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What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model that you can use to run an online store without being a manufacturer or inventory owner of that product. 

For, e.g., if you are going to sell a bottle on a dropshipping platform, you’ll market it on your website. If the customer makes a purchase, it’ll be notified to the manufacturer, and then the bottle will be delivered to the customer.

Your role in this complete procedure is to connect the customer with the manufacturer, and you’re done. You don’t need to worry about customizing, storing, or shipping the product.

Seems simple? But it’s not as easy as it sounds. You need to be aware of many things before you jump into business.

So here are some dropshipping tips for the newbies in the market.

Dropshipping Tips for New Entrepreneurs:

1. Focus on Marketing

Most aspects of Dropshipping are automated. It gives you more time to focus on your branding and marketing. 

While designing a website, designing a logo, and creating some graphics will help to make it more appealing. 

You need to spend your time learning how to sell stuff online. It consists of mastering the art of creating advertisements and converting your store’s visitors.

Ads and search engine optimization can help redirect more traffic towards your website. 

The average conversion rate of e-commerce rates is 1-2%. So, if you have the traffic of fewer than 100 visitors on your site, that means you’re not making any sales.

The more traffic you can divert towards your store, your sales will increase. 

How to do that?

  • Creating a blog page and ranking high in SEO can drive traffic to your site. Optimizing the product pages can also help.
  • Make your website presentable and appealing to the customers. If they visit the website, you need to lure them into buying your products. 

2. Create Amazing offers

As a dropshipping store owner, it is essential to create offers like sales on the product. That will motivate the customers to visit your website. 

If none of the products on your site are on sale, people might lack the motivation to buy them. If customers are getting the product at a fantastic deal, they are more likely to get converted.

Bundle deals also work well. For, e.g., if you sell bottles, try selling a bundle of them. 

The hardest part is making a customer buy your product. If you are successful, you are successful in the business.

3. Moderately Price your Products

Dropshipping products are very close to the cost provided by the wholesaler. It allows you to sell products at market value and make a profit. 

The goal of the dropshipping business is to be profitable. If you’re selling a five-dollar product, you should be charging around twenty dollars for it. You need to cover the cost of business, expenses, and eventually to cover for the team.

If other brands are reducing the cost, don’t reduce yours. If your prices are fair and not exceeding the market value, you are going to maintain your profit price point. 

You need to strategies your pricing from both sellers and buyers’ point of view.

4. Automate more aspects of your business

Using Dropshipping business tools will help you automate various aspects of your business. If you have a full-time job or you are looking for more passive income, figuring out how to automate more aspects of your business will be helpful. 

These eCommerce automation tools will help you grow and scale your business quickly. Sell The Trend App offers One-Click Push To Store feature which can you help you save time by adding products quickly and efficiently hassle free. 

5. Make your website Appealing

Your website is the thing that is going to be the first impression on the customer. Make your website as appealing as possible. 

Let’s take a scenario. Imagine that you are a customer looking for shoes. You come around a great deal on the shoes you want, and you visit a website. But the site is not loading properly, and the site is missing images or the pages are unaligned. Will you consider buying something from there?

If your answer is no, then you’ll realize that the first thing you need to do is to design your website properly and completely and then start marketing it.

You can use different images from stock images that are free and can be used to modify your store. It’ll make your website more attractive.

6. Try offering the best customer service

There are different ways to be better and unique than the crowd selling the same products. One of them is providing exceptional customer service.

Offering refunds and responding immediately to your customer’s concerns is a way to do that. But still, it’s what all the brands do.

You can joke a bit around with your customers through prompt messages. You can mail thank you notes to people if they are shopping from your website again and again. 

7. Be Active regularly

Running a business requires daily efforts. You don’t need to spend eight hours a day on the dropshipping business, but you need to be active every single day.

You’ll also need to provide 24×7 customer service so that customers can depend on you.

8. Import limited numbers of items to your store

The online drop shopping websites can be very intriguing. But you must import only a limited amount of products at first because you need to change all the descriptions and might even need to change the logos.

Start with around 25-30 products, and once you get the hang of it to go ahead with more products. Using an App such as Sell The Trend will help you add the Latest Trending products with the click of a button using the One-Click Push To Store feature.

9. Keep track of your competitors

Always keep an eye on your competitors. You can follow their social media accounts and start linking their posts. Once you start doing that, you’ll start receiving their advertisements, and that’s where you want to focus.

Look at which products they are advertising, is that product getting a lot of engagement and reshares.

That’ll help you know how the product should be sold in your store.

10. General vs. Niche Store

The General store refers to a generalized version of the online shopping website. If you are selling food products, then you are a general store. In the general store, you need to separate all the niche so that it could be easy for browsing. In this case, the categories will be Whole grains, spices, oils, etc.

A Niche store refers to an online platform where you can get only one category of thing. For, e.g., organic food stores will be considered as niche stores. It’s also a better option since you’ll have a particular niche specified for your store, which will guide your buyers in only one direction.

You can learn more about dropshipping here.

That’s it from our side about dropshipping. If you want to become successful in the business, you need to be very consistent, that’ll help you get a reasonable conversion rate and make your business successful.