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How to launch a new Product When Dropshipping

How to launch a new Product When Dropshipping

Whether your dropship business is just starting and you are figuring out trending products to launch on your site or you already have a successful dropship business and are just trying to figure out how to introduce new items, launching a product successfully is of grave importance.

Even if you are an experienced dropshipping business owner, if you launch a product and it really takes off, your success in the industry becomes more stable and long-term. A lot is riding on every new product launch and so, just contacting your previous customers with information about the new product won’t do.

Some fanfare has to be involved to make your launch exciting and have others pay attention. Let’s take a look at how to make your dropshipping product launch one to remember.

1 . The USP

People tend to associate Unique Selling Proposition with brands but the term has its use in the case of products as well. It’s when you point out why an item should be paid more attention to over its competitor. It’s about pointing out exactly what makes the product better than others and gives it an edge. Once you know what the USP of your product is, you will be able to figure out what your message with the product will be and how you should go about marketing it.

This will shape the rest of your strategy.

2. Find Your Target Demographic

So, you know what the product is and what the USP of it is. Now, who exactly do you want to market your product to? Exactly which segment of the people visiting your store would find the product attractive and would have a definite use for it?

Among your customers, there are probably plenty of separate, divided sections that could find the product appealing. You also have to start thinking about attracting new customers who would be interested in your product.

Your marketing strategy should be tailor made for your audience. So, you need to have a proper profile for them, something so fleshed out that it’s like you are thinking about the dreams and grievances of an actual person. The profiles would probably be quite different from one another, which is good, since the more details you have, the easier it would be to shape your strategy.

How to launch a new Product When Dropshipping

3. Market Scouring

It’s highly unlikely you have invented a new product and are launching something never seen before in the market before. Whatever product you are launching, probably already has a market for it, whether it’s thriving or dying. It’s about time you conduct extensive research on it.

Check out who your competitors are, what their strategy of promotion is, what those people consider their target audience. See how the customers of your competitors are reacting to their products and if they have any grievances regarding the same. If they do, can you improve your products or present it in a way so that the customers are satisfied with your item?

You can solidify your USP or completely opt for a new one once you find out how the product is doing in the current environment. Your USP can be the very thing your customer is failing to provide.

 4. Beta Test

Beta tests are an essential and significant part of any product launch. This is when you roll out a limited version of the product on the market before the actual product launch and see how it does. You note people’s response to it, you see what they like or dislike about the product and you see whether people would be willing to buy more of the same product from you at all.

This reception would then determine your next course of action. If the reception is positive and meets the expectations of what you were hoping to achieve with the product, you can proceed with manufacturing more of the product. You can also start promoting it . However, if the reception isn’t satisfactory, well, you could scrape launching the product altogether or improve it. Either way, you would be saving yourself from investing a huge amount on a product only to be met with failure with the actual product launch.

The results of the beta testing, if positive, would also give you more confidence and a better idea on how to go about launching your product.

5. Official Launch Day

Having an official launch day is important. Dress your website up on that day. Throw a little party. Invite all your regular customers and any potential customers you have a list of. Keep a countdown on your website at least a week prior, counting down to the time the product will be launching. It should be obvious to anyone checking in on your online store that you are launching a new product and you are more than enthusiastic about it. Because enthusiasm is a very contagious thing and you want your customers to feel your enthusiasm and sincerity.

There are so many ways to launch a product. You can do a livestream demonstrating all the uses of the product. You can make your customers play little games related to the product and then hand out a free item to the winner. You can simply launch the product at a slightly discounted price on the launch day to make them purchase it and actually give the product a fair chance.

You have so many social platforms at your disposal. Make sure to use all of them. Every platform offers something unique – use it to generate more interest for the product.

Final Thoughts

The success of your product is entirely dependent on the way you launch it. You need to perfect your launching routine. You need to get everyone hyped for your launch party. If the launch party is successful, the rest of it hinges on whether your product is actually good or not.

If it’s a product worth purchasing, you will have stellar reviews rolling in and more and more customers willing to spend their hard earned money on the product.