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How To Deal With Long Dropshipping Times On Aliexpress

How To Deal With Long Dropshipping Times On Aliexpress

Long dropshipping times can be really annoying, especially aliexpress dropshipping time. Most of the new store owners who source their products from aliexpress worry about the long shipping times. You can also get complaints and might have to give refunds for the long shipping time. But dealing with aliexpress dropshipping isn’t very difficult, and you just need to follow certain steps.

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How to Deal With Long Dropshipping Times?

Well, you should not worry too much about the dropshipping time. At least, don’t let it stop you from having a dropshipping business. Many people are making a big deal of the shipping times to that point that they don’t give their business a go. They instantly want to drop out of the dropshipping business at the first perceived obstacle.

Every business comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. Every dropshipping business owner wishes to offer next day delivery, but it is not really possible. The next thing you do is to keep pushing it forward.

There are certain tricks that you can follow to have little to no issues when it comes to dealing with long dropshipping times.

Use E-Packet Shipping

It is a common tendency of people to use free shipping to save some money. Then they get a lot of customer complaints about long shipping time because some orders are taking a month and a half to arrive. Then it all boils down to blaming the whole concept of dropshipping business.

But the truth is that you need to opt for ePacket to ship, which ships the products from China in around two weeks.

Transparency is the Key

It is imperative to be transparent with your customers about the shipping time. Making the customer know beforehand about the long dropshipping time will prevent any possible issues. If you are honest with your customers, most of them won’t really mind a long time.

Customers get pissed off when you don’t mention beforehand about the two week shipping time. They get pissed and often think of being scammed. As the owner of a dropshipping business, it is your responsibility to keep your customers well informed. Also, you must check from time to time if the vendor has shipped the product.

Ways to Let the Customer Know About the Shipping Time

Now, this can also be confusing on how to tell your customers about the shipping time. You can put the shipping time at three places. Firstly, you can mention the shipping time on the FAQ page, which most customers readout. You can state that shipping will take over 2-4 weeks as you ship from global suppliers to get the best deals from them.

The next way to put the shipping time is on the order confirmation page. You can write, “We understand that quick and timely delivery is important for our clients. Please be patient as we normally ship all orders within 72 hours and will take around 2-4 weeks to arrive from shipment”.

The last way to place the shipping time is in the shipping confirmation email as most people read it out carefully and pay attention to details. Most dropshipping business owners don’t prefer putting the shipping time on the product page as it can be a conversion killer.

Respond Quickly to Customer Emails

One of the smartest tricks to keep your customers happy and calm is to reply to their emails as soon as possible. Your reply to customer emails within 24 hours, but ideally, 6-12 hours is pretty decent to avoid any issues.

Quick replies make the customers believe that there is a real person behind the site. Also, it calms them for not being scammed. If you take too long, then it can create a problem for you as many customers would be putting in a chargeback, thinking that they have been scammed.

Also, if something like this happens, then you are risking your merchant account being shut down for poor business practices. All of this can be prevented with quick replies.

To save your time, you can pre-write replies to some of the most common questions asked by customers. Then you just need to make a tweak to the reply and hit the send button. It will help you save a lot of time, and the customer won’t really know about it.

When you increase the scale of your dropshipping business, you must make a wise decision and hire a VA who can take care of the customer service. In general, customer support often gives negative vibes. So you should focus on the growth of your business and let someone else handle customer service.

That’s all for dealing with aliexpress dropshipping. If you follow the above-mentioned tricks, you will save yourself from a lot of customer issues that otherwise might be coming your way. Even after all this, if a customer is not satisfied with the long dropshipping, you can send an email writing, “It is quite unfortunate that you didn’t notice the shipping time while making the purchase. We have displayed the shipping time clearly on our site and in our emails too. Your product is soon reaching you, and we are sure that you will love it, and it will be worth the wait. If you could just be a little more patient, I’d be very grateful. Once your package arrives, let me know, and I will send you a discount coupon for your next purchase. In case you still do not wish to wait further, please check our refunds and return policy”.

If, after this, the customer asks for a refund, follow your standards returns and refund policy. But around 95% of shipping complaints can be solved this way, and the customer will be happy. Just remember to be polite at all times, no matter how upset you or they are. It is important to be professional. With this in mind, deal with your customers and do not worry about long drop shipping time.