How do I succeed in dropshipping?

How do I succeed in dropshipping?For succeeding in dropshipping, a few things are essential,
which include business knowledge, hard work, patience, and some
dropshipping business secrets, read on to learn 7 dropshipping secrets
that can help you conquer this exciting business model

Just like any business, there are some inherent secrets for success that help the business boom. Similarly, in dropshipping, there are some secrets to success, which, when done right, can lead your business to success.

As easy as starting a dropshipping business may seem with little to no investment, it does require a lot of hard work and patience. Aiming for a six-figure income or a steady income is a great business goal. But it’s only possible if you follow the rights steps with a mission to be successful.

In this article, you will find not only the secrets on how to succeed in dropshipping business but also some pro tips too that will help increase the chances of your business success.

Dropshipping Secrets to Success

Every business has its challenges, and so does the dropshipping. However, following and applying these seven dropshipping secrets and pro tips, you can easily succeed in your business.

  • The Niche Selection Process

The golden secret to success that not many drop shippers are aware of is never rush choosing a niche.

Take the niche selection process very seriously. Invest time, do thorough research, look at analytics and trends, and then carefully and wisely choose your business niche. When numbers and analysis back the niche selection process, there are higher chances of achieving success in business.

Secondly, when selecting a niche, focus on products about which you have good knowledge. Ideally, products about which you are passionate. Because when your passion becomes your business, you will put your heart and soul into it, and eventually, it would lead to success.

Pro Tip: For the niche selection process, start by making a list of at least 50 niches. Then conduct your research and see which ones would work for your dropshipping business. Look for these things:

  • Pricing: you want to keep the pricing attractive
  • Target Customers: the product should be such that the customer is willing to buy
  • Brand loyalty: aim for products that don’t have brand loyalty.

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  • Setting up a dropshipping store

Your dropshipping store is the face of the business. It is what attracts the customers and converts them into buyers.

While the dropshipping business itself does not require much investment, you should put in effort in setting up your dropshipping store, providing an excellent customer experience.

An e-commerce platform, such as Shopify, is a great place to build your dropshipping store. You don’t even need a technology background to set up your store on Shopify; it has a lot of apps and guidelines to help you set the store and get it running.

For good customer experience, set up an attractive home page, optimize the store for the user and SEO, make sure product descriptions are well-written, use good quality product photos and provide precise details on shipping, returns, and payments.

Pro Tip: Build customer trust by adding Trust Seals on your store and checkout (payments). 

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  • Securing reliable Suppliers

The success of a dropshipping business greatly depends on its suppliers. As the business model is that the suppliers directly ship the products, hence having reliable suppliers is essential for business success.

To secure reliable suppliers for your business, always conduct a supplier audit. A supplier audit will help you evaluate the credibility of the supplier, their product quality, shipping time, and supplier reviews will also help select the best supplier for the business.

Secondly, for dropshipping business, try to choose a dropshipping supplier. These suppliers already know the business model and are well-equipped to handle business transactions and shipments. Platforms like Sell The Trend can help you pick winning products, add to your store with one click and even provide you suppliers to source products from complete with ratings and review scores!

Pro Tip: Despite the careful supplier selection, if you ever come across bad suppliers, immediately get rid of them

  • Focus on Marketing Efforts and Repeat Buyers

A successful dropshipping business does not require much traffic; it requires the right traffic. This right traffic comes from marketing efforts.

Strategize your marketing efforts in such a way that it targets the right customer base who are genuinely interested in the products that you are selling. Make use of Facebook ad campaigns to attract those customers who are interested in your products.

Once the customer is on your store, you should make an effort to convert them into buyers and then repeat buyers by presenting not only the products but also different offers such as bundle deals, bulk discounts, flash sale, or upsell and cross-sell methods to motivate them to buy your product.

Convert buyers into repeat buyers by offering loyalty discounts, and if someone leaves a review, offer them a discount on the next purchase. A happy customer is a loyal customer, and a loyal customer base helps the business to succeed.

Pro Tip: Run attractive product promotions and ad campaigns on social platforms to attract buyers.

  • Keep an eye on your competition

As a dropshipping business and an entrepreneur, you should always keep an eye on your competition, especially on those who are in the same niche.

As dropshipping is trending, many people have entered this business. The competition is fierce, but it also means that different drop shippers would be using various techniques to be successful in their niche. 

So, it’s a good idea to learn from your competitors and perhaps apply their techniques to see how it works for your business. 

Using Sell The Trend’s Shopify Store Explorer, you can spy on your competition with easy.   You will be able to see every new product the Top Dropshipping stores add and even email you when they add a new product so that you can add it to your store and start making sales immediately.

  • Improve Customer Experience

The key to a successful dropshipping business is providing the best customer experience.

As the competition in the dropshipping and e-commerce industry becomes fierce, the only thing that will set you apart from the competition is good and improved customer experience.

So, as a business, your priority should be to make your customers feel valued, providing them secure transactions, timely delivery, easy navigation on the store, and responsive customer service.

For an excellent customer experience and growing your customer base focus on:

  • Handling Returns: be responsive to customer queries and handle returns timely and professionally, making customers feel valued.
  • Abandoned Carts: Check back with customers who have abandoned carts by emailing and reminding them of items in their carts.
  • Reviews: customer reviews are essential for business credibility and help in building good customer experience. 

Pro Tip: Use automated solutions to provide better customer experience and for easier business handling. 

  • Analyze, Optimize and Adjust

To succeed in dropshipping, you need to continually analyze and track all your data and metrics to understand how your business is performing.

Make use of analytical tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, which are easy to use, are free, and provide useful insight into your business.

Once you have analyzed the data, the next step is to optimize and adjust your business and marketing strategy to attract your customers better and convert them into buyers, hence making profits and a successful business.

Pro Tip: Analyse and Optimize your marketing strategy from time to time based on how it’s performing. Eliminate unsuccessful campaigns and boost effective campaigns.


Starting a dropshipping business and setting up a store is easy, but succeeding in your business requires hard work and some business secrets to be successful. The seven dropshipping business secrets will not only help your business to be a success but will also set you apart from the competition too. So, start your successful dropshipping business today.