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Do you need Shopify for Oberlo?

Do you need Shopify for Oberlo?

Yes, Oberlo is exclusive to Shopify. It is the most popular product importing app that is owned by Shopify. So technically to use the app, you need Shopify.

As a dropshipping business, most drop shippers struggle with making a profit in their new business. Apps like Oberlo, are great to have when you’re into dropshipping business. As it allows you to easily import products from websites like AliExpress or Oberlo Marketplace to set up your store.

But, to make the best use of Oberlo, you need a Shopify store to ship the products imported to your store from Oberlo, directly to your customers.

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Advantages of using Shopify with Oberlo

Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform available. For someone looking to start their own dropshipping business, there is no better platform than Shopify.

The advantages of using Oberlo with Shopify are:

  • This plugin works best with Shopify Stores
  • As a Shopify dropshipping business using Oberlo allows you to keep product prices and inventory up to date. You won’t be selling an out of stock product ever again
  • It will enable you to see the stats like page views, sales, and star-rankings on each item
  • Once a sale is made, Oberlo does the rest of the work for you, like shipping it to the customer
  • Oberlo has a free-starter plan and upgrading to a basic plan starts as low as $30 per month giving you sale limit 0f 500 from 50
  • Oberlo also has a 4.7-star rating on the Shopify app store, making it an app of choice for Shopify dropshipping business owners.

As Oberlo works exclusively with Shopify, so you’ll either have to create a store on Shopify or link your already existing Shopify store to your Oberlo app. Setting up a Shopify account is simple; it doesn’t require any technical knowledge and can be set up in a few clicks.

So, whether you’re starting a new dropshipping business or already have a catalog and want to add more products to it, Oberlo and Shopify platform combined is the best way to be successful in your dropshipping business