Winning Product Fridays Episode 165

USB Microphone for RecordingWelcome to another episode of Winning Product Fridays. Our Nexus AI Research machine found another hot product that has been trending on Facebook and Instagram the last couple of weeks.

This product is not over-saturated in the market and is a perfect opportunity for tech store owners to sell in 2022.

This USB Microphone has become the content creators’ favorite recording gear. It comes at a good price and rivals many expensive microphones available on the market.

Why This Product?

First, this is not any cheap quality microphone you find online for a couple of bucks. The recording, build quality, and aesthetics speak for themselves. So, content creators and gamers won’t hesitate to spend $100 and get this amazing-looking USB microphone for their work desk.

Some more reasons why this is a good product to sell in 2022 are:

Awesome Stats

This USB microphone has 7,983 orders and $893,298 in sales. The product cost is $51 and dropshippers are selling it for more than $111. That’s a $60 profit margin. A clear opportunity for you to test ad creatives and easily get your ROI.

Moreover, it has excellent 5-star product insights rating.

USB Microphone For Recording Dashboard

The product has had 2,378 orders in the last 30 days and the orders are showing an uptrend.

Orders Trend

Sell The Trend found this product 3 months ago. However, it was last added to a store only 3 days ago.

Orders Trend

Yes, dropshippers are still finding it good enough to sell in 2022.

Looks Cool

Now let’s talk about its’ good looks and aesthetics. The backlight design stands out.

It offers real-time sound quality output and is worth every penny. The microphone is designed for both content creators and gamers so you cover a wider audience.

Less Competition

Yes, the product is not over-saturated in the market and still have enough potential to sell in 2022.

Have trouble finding reliable suppliers for this microphone? This is where our AI Supplier List comes in handy.

AI Supplier List

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