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Winning Product Fridays Episode 162

Adjustable Vest Harness For Small DogsWelcome to another episode of Winning Product Fridays. Our Nexus AI Research Machine found another product that has been trending on social media for the last 2 weeks. The product is not over-saturated in the market; only 3 stores are selling it now.

This Adjustable Vest Harness For Small Dogs has become the people’s favorite. It comes at a great price with a good profit margin.

So, if you own a pet niche store or starting a new pet shop online, this might be a good product for you to promote in 2022.

Why This Product?

First, pet owners won’t hesitate to spend a few bucks and get this amazing vest harness for their cute puppies. Some other reasons why this is a winning product are:

Awesome Stats

The product has 1,897 orders and $52,149 in sales. Its buying cost is $5.75 and dropshippers are selling it for $27.5 on average. That’s a $22 profit margin.

Moreover, it has an excellent 5-star product insights rating.

Adjustable Vest Harness For Small Puppies Dogs

This vest harness has had 652 orders in the last 14 days. We believe the number of orders can reach up to 3000/month in the coming weeks.

Orders Trend

Sell The Trend found this product 19 days ago and it was last added to a store only 1 week ago. Dropshippers are finding it good enough to sell in 2022.

Stores Trend

We’ve been tracking only 3 stores selling this vest harness and they’re getting a good number of orders daily.

Unique Product

This vest harness is specifically made for small dogs and puppies. It comes with a soft breathable texture with no hard edges or buckles that may irritate the dog’s skin.

Moreover, it creates a reflective effect that enhances the visibility of your pet in darker conditions.

In a nutshell, a great product for pet owners and you cover a wider audience because it can also be used for cats.

Less Competition

Curious about the competition? Well, many brands are promoting vest harnesses. However, we encountered only a few promoting this adjustable vest harness for small dogs.

Here is an example of a reputable dog brand promoting a similar product and their Facebook ad engagement is off the charts.

Facebook Ads

Moreover, you can find many reliable suppliers on AliExpress with our AI Supplier List.

AI Suppliers List

Now add this product to your Shopify store with our 1-Click Push-To-Store feature or create your own store with Sell The Trend’s own website builder – SHOPS.


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