Winning Product Fridays Episode 156

Bubble Gun Rocket 69 Holes Soap Bubble MachineWelcome to another episode of Winning Product Fridays. Our Nexus AI Research Machine has found a hot product that is yet to hit the market but will turn in hundreds of orders in the coming weeks.

This Rocket 69 Holes Bubble Gun have become the children’s favorite this summer. It is trending on social media, and only a few dropshippers have listed it in their stores. Most of them haven’t even started promoting it with ads yet.

The product is not oversaturated in the market, and you can expect to sell it throughout 2022.

Why This Product?

First, it looks awesome. This innovative bubble gun has 69 bubble holes, comes with a battery, charging cable, and bubble mixture. Parents won’t hesitate to buy their kid the most innovative summer toy of 2022.

Some more reasons why this is a good product to sell in 2022 are:

Good Stats

The product cost is $13.75 and dropshippers are selling it for at least $83.51. That’s a $69 profit margin.

6 stores are selling this product right now and it has an excellent 5-star product insights rating.

Rocket Bubble Gun With 69 Holes

We found this product one month ago. However, it was last added to a store only 8 days ago.

Stores Trend

Guess what? It has had 18 orders already in the last 7 days. We manually checked the Shopify stores selling this product, and most haven’t started promoting it on Facebook ads.

We believe it has good potential and with the right ad campaigns and marketing strategy, you can expect to sell a good number of units every day.

Facebook Ads

Curious if this will attract customers on Facebook? Well, here is an example of a well-known store selling the same product on Facebook. The response to their ad post is enormous.

Facebook Ads

Moreover, you can take help from the Store Intelligence feature of Sell The Trend. Get a detailed analytics report of your competitors and always stay a step ahead of their strategies.

Sell The Trend also provides you with a list of reliable suppliers to source the product.

AI Supplier List

Now add this product to your store using our 1-Click “Push-To-Store” feature. If you’re new to dropshipping, create your own store with Sell The Trend’s free website builder – SHOPS.

Sell The Trend SHOPS

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