Winning Product Fridays Episode 153

Ice Ball Maker KettleWelcome to another episode of Winning Product Fridays. This week we found another product that was added to Sell The Trend a few months ago but started trending on Facebook just recently.

This Unique Ice Ball Maker Kettle has become the dropshippers favorite to make quick sales on this product. Yes, it is selling like hot cakes on Facebook and Instagram.

The product is not over-saturated in the marketing and still has enough potential to sell in 2022.

Why This Product?

First, it is a household item and women won’t hesitate to spend a few bucks and get this unique ice ball maker for their kitchen. Some other reasons why this is an excellent product to sell are:

Good Stats

The product cost is $11 on average and dropshippers are selling it for nearly $40. That’s a $29 profit margin.

Selling Price

There are 7 stores and 2 suppliers selling the same product and their conversion rate is off the charts.

Moreover, it has an excellent4-star Sell The Trend product insights rating.

Unique Ice Ball Maker

This Unique Ice Ball Maker has 425 orders and $13,202 in sales. This figure may seem somewhat lower than our regular winning product Fridays. However, this product got 401 orders in the last 30 days.

We believe the number of orders will reach at least 2000 per month.

Orders Trend

Sell The Trend found this product 6 months ago, but it was last added to a store only 9 days ago. Guess what? The orders started booming and it has the highest orders ratio in the last 14 days.

Dropshippers are still finding it good enough to sell in 2022.

Stores Trend

Unique Product

First, this product makes awesome round-shaped ice balls. The ice balls do not get stuck in the chamber, and you can also use this product as a water bottle.

Mainly, the airtight bottle ensures that your ice balls are odor-free and there is no foul-tasting ice from your refrigerator.

Overall, this is a good opportunity for new dropshippers to add this to their store and start selling instantly.

Easy Targeting

Curious if this product is targetable on social media? Well, many reputable brands are promoting the same product and their engagement rate is enormous.

Facebook Ads

Moreover, our Store Intelligence feature can help you keep track of your competitors, their ad copies, revenue, conversion, trending products, and more.

Now add this product to your Shopify store using our 1-Click Push-To-Store feature or create your own store using Sell The Trend Shop.

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