Winning Product Fridays Episode 149

This Plus Size Women Sport Wedge SandalsWelcome to another episode of Winning Product Fridays. Sell The Trend’s Nexus AI Research came up with another product that’s been selling like hot cakes on Facebook and Instagram.

These Plus Size Women Sport Wedge Sandals can be a permanent listing on your fashion and casual wear dropshipping store.

The product is not over-saturated in the market and still has enough space to dropship it in 2022.

Why This Product?

First, the product falls in the women’s fashion niche. Women won’t hesitate to spend a few bucks and buy these unique sports sandals. Some other reasons why this can be a good product are:

Good Stats

The product has over 5,000 orders and $213,256 in sales since we added it to Sell The Trend. Its average sourcing cost is $5.98 and dropshippers are selling it for $38. That’s a $32 profit margin.

Moreover, the product has an amazing 5-star Sell The Trend’s product insights rating.

This Plus Size Women Sport Wedge Sandals

It has 1,271 orders in the last 30 days and the sales chart is drastically rising. We believe this number would cross 2,000 in the coming days.

Orders Trend

Sell The Trend found this product 3 months ago and it was last added to a store only 6 days ago. Yes, dropshippers are still finding it good enough to sell in 2022.

Stores Trend

Unique Product

You won’t see many similar products out there. These sandals are one of a kind and come at a good price.

The availability in different colors and size makes it a good product to target a broad audience.

Facebook Ads

Curious if this will do good on Facebook? Well, this is where Sell The Trend shines. Go to the product dashboard and click on the “See Ads” link. You’ll be redirected to your top competitor’s Facebook Ad post.

Selling Stores

All-in-all, this is a good opportunity for novice dropshippers as well as people who already own a women’s fashion or casual wear Shopify store.

Now add this product to your Shopify store using our 1-Click Push-To-Store feature.

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