Winning Product Fridays Episode 132

NeckMassage Smart Posture TrainerWelcome to another episode of winning product Fridays. Today we have another winning product that is doing good on Facebook and Instagram the last few weeks. The product is not over-saturated in the market and still has enough potential to sell in 2022.

This Smart Posture corrector is a perfect opportunity for dropshippers to either start a one-product Shopify store or list it on their health niche store.

Why This Product?

First, health is a profitable niche and with the right product, you can expect to sell dozens of health products a day. Some more reasons why this posture corrector can be a permanent listing on your store are:

Unique Make

While most posture correctors come with uneasy bands around the main device, this smart posture corrector is a stand-alone massager. The unique design and make is noticeable and easily redirects your audience from Facebook to your website. That’s a step closer to making them click on the “Check Out” button.

The posture corrector starts vibrating whenever you’re in a hunched position. Moreover, the sensitivity, angle, and vibration intensity are customizable.

Good Stats

It has over 3200 orders and $149,000+ in sales. The average product cost is $21 and dropshippers are selling it for more than $45. That’s an $18+ profit margin.

Smart Posture Corrector STT Stats

We’ve been tracking 4 Shopify stores selling this product and they have over 400 orders in the last 30 days. This figure is drastically increasing.

Orders Trend

Sell The Trend found this product 7 months ago, but it was last added to a store only yesterday. Yes, dropshippers are still finding it good enough to sell in 2022.

Stores Trend

There are 2 suppliers available on AliExpress and they’re reliable, ship on time, and do not have any packaging issues too. Now add this product to your Shopify store and order from the same suppliers with our 1-Click Push-To-Store feature.

Facebook Ads

Curious if this product will do any good on Facebook and Instagram? Well, our Store Intelligence feature let’s you spy on your competitors’ ads and be a step ahead in your social media marketing campaigns.

Click on the “See Ads” link and you’ll be redirected to their Facebook Ads.

Store Intelligence

Moreover, many reputable brands are already promoting this product on Facebook and the engagement is enormous.

Ad Library

Use our Facebook Audience Builder to define your targeted audience to spend less Ad revenue and generate more leads.

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