Winning Product Fridays Episode 126

Dog Santa Claus Clothes For ChristmasWelcome to another episode of winning product Fridays. We have another hit product that dropshippers are selling this Christmas. Though it’s seasonal, you can make some good money before New Year.

These Santa Claus pet clothes are the perfect product for dropshippers that are targeting the Christmas event.

Finding hot products for your Christmas or New Year Shopify store? We’ve got just the right choice for you.

The cute design, breathable & soft cotton fabric, and adjustable size make it the perfect choice for pet owners.

Why This Product?

That’s obvious, dog owners will not be able to resist buying this cute and cool clothing for their chum. Some more reasons why this is a winning product includes:

Good Stats

We found this product last Christmas it sold like hotcakes. Dropshippers are again adding this to their store and the sales are rising rapidly.

It has over 1200 orders this Winter with 600+ orders in the last 30 days only. The product price is less than $2 and the average selling price is $29.56.

Dog Christmas Clothes Statistics

The orders trend is up since mid-October, and we expect the total number of orders will reach around 5000 before New Year.

Christmas Dog Clothes Orders Trend

Guess what? This product was last added to a dropshipping store only 3 days ago. Dropshippers are still finding it profitable and selling dozens of pieces every day.

Dog Christmas Clothes Stores Trend

Emotional Connection

Again, dog owners won’t hesitate to buy this cool dress for their dogs. If you’re a pet owner, you’ll understand the emotional connection between owner and pet and how we want our little friend to look more attractive and cool this time of the year.

Excellent Product Insights Rating

This Santa Claus clothing has an excellent 4.5 product insights rating. We have listed 5 reliable suppliers on Sell The Trend and you can add this to your store with our 1-Click Push To Store feature.

Facebook Ads

Curious about how to optimize your Facebook Ads for this product? Well, our competitors’ spy gives you a list of Top Shopify Stores selling this product.

Click on the “See Ads” link and see your competitor’s Facebook Ads.

Spy On Competitors Facebook Ads

And yes, these Santa Claus clothes are trending on Facebook. We found one of the top Shopify stores selling the same product and their Ad engagement is enormous.

Pet Christmas Clothes Trending On Facebook

Overall, there’s still time to add this winning Christmas product to your store. Use our Push-To-Store, Store Intelligence, Video Ads Creator, and Facebook Audience Builder features to get started in less than a day.

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