Winning Product Fridays Episode 124

Baby Electric Nail PolisherWelcome to another episode of Winning Product Fridays. Today we have another hot product for baby-care Shopify dropshipping stores.

Our AI-Based Nexus Research Machine found this Electric Baby Nail Polisher found this product 4 months ago and dropshippers are selling it like hotcakes.

Why This Product?

First, your audience won’t hesitate to spend $20 on a high-quality electric clipper for their baby. Moreover, the selling stats are amazing as well.

Emotional Connection

Nail cutting is made easy with this electric baby nail polisher and clipper. The product has an emotional connection attached to your targeted audience – that’s a plus point!

This product is designed to safely and neatly trim and polish those little cute toes and fingernails.

It is a 3-in-1 value set that comes with WHISPER QUIET Motor. Moreover, it is extremely portable and easy to use.

With this emotional connection, it is somewhat easier to engage and make people click on the “Check Out” button.

Awesome Stats

If we’re being realistic, an emotional connection is not enough to make money with dropshipping.

Well, this product has unmatched stats, and it can a permanent listing on your baby-care niche Shopify store.

We tracked over 5200 orders within the last few weeks and the numbers keep rising. The product cost is less than $3 and dropshippers are selling it for $20+.

Moreover, it also has an excellent Sell The Trend’s 5-star product insight rating.  


Nail Polisher STT Dashboard


We’re tracking 6 suppliers and 7 Shopify stores selling this product and there are over 1700 orders within the last 30 days. Here is the real trends sales chart.  


Nail Clipper Sales Chart


It was found 4 months ago by our AI research machine but was last added to a store only 6 days ago. Meaning, dropshippers are still finding it hot and adding them to their stores.  


Electric Nail Clipper Stores Chart


Evergreen Product

The product is not seasonal. You can sell it throughout the year and it can be a permanent listing on your Shopify store. If you’re starting a dropshipping business in the baby-care niche, this baby polisher can be a game-changer.

It is not over-saturated in the market and still has enough potential to give novice dropshippers a head start.

Facebook Ads

New babycare brands are promoting this nail polisher and clipper on Facebook and the response is great.


Facebook Ads


Take help from Sell The Trend’s Facebook audience builder if you’re unsure about targeting the right audience on Facebook.

Overall, it is a good product with little to no competition, an emotional connection with the audience, and some remarkable stats for novice dropshippers to hop in.

Now add this product to your Shopify store with our 1-click Push To Store feature.

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