Winning Product Fridays Episode 121

LED Projector Drawing SetWelcome to another episode of Winning Product Fridays. We have another hit product with over 4000 orders across 11 Shopify stores within the last 30 days.

The product stats are amazing, and it also has an emotional connection with the audience. We found this LED Projector Drawing Set 2 months and it is booming the charts until now. It can be the next best-selling product on your parenting, toys, or drawing niche Shopify store.

Why This Product?

Above anything else, this is a child development product so parents wouldn’t hesitate to spend $40 on something that enhances the child-parent bonding. Some more reasons why this can be your next big hit are:

Emotional Connection

This drawing has an emotional connection attached to it. Every parent wants to provide a creative fun activity to their kids.

This is a great child development and child-parent bonding drawing set. Parents can spend more time with their little ones drawing different things off the projected image – certainly a perfect gift for kids aged 1-7 years.

Amazing Stats

It has 9500+ orders that we tracked over the last 2 months and the number is still increasing. Remember, these orders are only from the stores that we tracked – the exact figure can be even greater.  

Drawing Set Order Stats

The product is selling in 11 stores and was last added to a store 25 days ago. It is not over-saturated in the market and still has enough potential to make some serious money.  

Projector Drawing Stores Chart

Moreover, we have also tracked 2 reputable suppliers selling this product. The average product cost is $14.65 and dropshippers are selling it for more than $40. The profit margin is $27.10.

Sell The Trend Dashboard

The product has around $400k in sales and an excellent 5-star product insight rating.


As the name suggests, this drawing set has a projector that projects the image on the drawing space. The children can trace and color the picture.

It certainly has a cool factor and children seem to show more interest in tracing the projected image than traditional drawing sets.

It comes with 24 different pictures for children to bring their creative fantasies to life.

Facebook Marketing

Concerned if this product is worth promoting on Facebook? Well, different brands are already running Facebook Ads for this product and making enormous sales.

Facebook Ad Of the Product

You can also target this product for Christmas. Not sure who to target and how to reach your targeted audience? Learn more about your audience’s interests at Sell The Trend.  

Facebook Targeting Interests

Or use our Facebook Audience Builder to reach the right customers. Spend less and reach more!

Overall, this projector drawing set is a good start even if you’re new to dropshipping. With the amazing stats, emotional connection, and cool factor, the odds are on your side. Now add this product to your Shopify store with our 1-click Push-To-Store button!

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