Winning Product Fridays Episode 118

Glasses Organizer - Winning Product Fridays WinnerWelcome to another episode of Sell The Trend’s Winning Product Fridays. We have another winner this week with good stats and an eye-catching look – something that a lot of people will buy.

This SMARTCASE Glasses Organizer is a simple product with a sleek leather body. It is a travel sunglasses and eyeglasses organizer and can be a useful addition to one’s travel gear.

It’s great for dropshippers who already have a travel niche dropshipping store or want to start one.


Google Trends

It has a stable interest over time on Google Trends and the chart seems to rise recently.

Glasses Organizer Google Trends Interest


The product interest seems promising, and this product can be a permanent listing on your Shopify store.

Why This Product?

Why would somebody buy this product? Is it worth listing it on your store? Well, there are quite a few reasons why we think this leather glasses case is a winning product.

Aesthetic Look

The product comes with a sleek PU leather body and is available in multiple colors – black and leather brown being the best sellers. It is also available in bold colors like red, pink, and yellow for women. So, you cover a wider audience. If not anything else, travel enthusiasts will not hesitate to spend $30 on this nice-looking leather glasses case. Moreover, it comes with different storage options i.e. 2,3,4,5,6 slots.

Awesome Stats

The cost price of this CHIC Glasses organizer is less than $3 and dropshippers are selling it for like $30. That’s more than $27 profit margin. Sell The Trend Dashboard

It has an excellent 4.1 Product Insights Rating on Sell The Trend, has 6 reputable suppliers, and 8 Shopify stores selling this product.

Glasses Organizer Sales Chart

There are over 200 orders over the last 30 days and the numbers are increasing every day. We’ve been tracking this product for like weeks now and dropshippers are continuously listing this product on their stores. It was last added to a store only 5 days ago.

Sell The Trend Store Trend Chart

Facebook Ads

Curious if this is a good product to market on Facebook? Well, stores are already launching their Facebook Ad campaigns and generating leads every day. Look at this Ad Copy of the same product on Facebook:

SMARTCASE CHIC Eyeglasses Case Facebook Ads

Now take help from Sell The Trend’s Facebook Audience Builder and spy on your competitor’s ads to reach a wider audience with a minimum budget.

Facebook Targeting

All in all, this SMARTCASE PU Leather Glasses Organizer can be a great addition to your Shopify store. The product stats, good looks, leather feel, and a wider audience assure a good number of orders with the right execution.

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