Winning Product Fridays Episode 117

Winning Product Fridays Cozy Cave BedWelcome to another episode of winning product Fridays. Today we are here with another popular product that is now selling on 10 popular stores – and still hasn’t reached its full potential. The product has a profit margin of $17.58 and is easily available from some reputable suppliers. This Sweet Cat Bed Warm Basket will cover a wide range of audiences. Though it was selling like hot cakes all summer, the sales are surely going to increase in the winter season.

Why This Product?

The product covers a wide array of audiences – cat owners from all ages of life. Also, as the winters approach, people would want to buy a more comfortable and warm space for their pets to snuggle and nest.

Emotional Connection

Look at this product from the audience’s perspective, you wouldn’t hesitate to spend $30 on a sweet cozy bed for your cat – your cat that loves to nest and go under the covers. So, the audience will have an emotional connection with the product. Moreover, this cozy bed is the best way to prevent cats from nesting in the furniture, bedsheets, and provide them with a space of their own.

Impressive Stats

You wouldn’t want to work on something solely based on an emotional connection with the audience, would you? Well, Sell The Trend’s Nexus Research Machine picks a product based on its selling potential. And this one has amazing stats. It has over 1200+ orders in the last 30 days and the sales chart keep going up. Sales Chart Sell The Trend The average cost price of this product is $11.74 and the selling price is $30. Even now, dropshippers are showing interest in this cat bed and adding it to their stores. Let’s have a look at the store trend for this product. Store Chart Sell The Trend The last store that added this product was on 7th October – more are coming!


We checked the available product suppliers for this Cozy Cave Bed and their reviews are amazing. Moreover, Shopify stores that are fulfilling this product on Sell The Trend aren’t having any issues with the order delivery.

Evergreen Product

It is an evergreen product with no seasonality issues. This means, if you add this product now, it will sell throughout the winter and then summers. We shared the sales chart of the last 6 months above, see for yourself.

Google Trends

Pet cozy beds have always been trending in the US. Unlike most dropshipping products that go out of sales after a few weeks, you can expect to sell this cat bed for a long time. Google Trends The Google Trends chart for the pet bed niche is stable for the past 6 years. Though we can see it rising every year during winters. Now’s your chance to add it to your store and make huge profits in winter. Use our one-click Push To Store feature to start selling this product today.

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