Winning Product Fridays Episode 116

Refrigerator Egg Holder Winning ProductWelcome to another episode of Winning Product Fridays. Today we have another bestseller product that is selling like hot cakes in the past few weeks. This one has an amazing profit margin of $20.31 and a freaking 5-star product insight rating in our NEXUS Product Research. This Refrigerator Egg Holder is not just another dropshipping product with enormous competition and average selling stats. It stands out and people aren’t having second thoughts while spending $25-30 on this modern egg holder as evidenced by the amount of orders it has already received.

Why This Product?

The targeted audience for this product is homemakers, cooking enthusiasts, and even people like me who probably want to surprise their mum with this unique egg organizer. So, you cover a broad audience here. Let’s talk about some more winning product factors that has been netting sellers thousands of dollars in sales:

Cool Factor

I’m sure you haven’t seen an egg organizer like this one before. You take out an egg and the rear egg takes place of the empty space. That’s enough of a wow factor to make people click on the “Buy Now” button. Some people will be buying it for nothing. I mean who buys an egg organizer because their eggs are breaking more often? However, they will want to include this unique refrigerator egg holder to their kitchenware.

Profit Margin

The average cost price of this egg holder is $6.67 and dropshippers are selling it for $25-$30. That’s more than a $20 margin. The best part is that this product is not over-saturated in the market yet.Sales Chart Winning Product This product was added to Sell The Trend’s NEXUS Research Machine recently and the sales chart keep rising. The product hasn’t reached its full potential yet and dropshippers are making sales the same day after adding it to their store. Store Chart There were only 3 stores selling this hot product prior to September, but now in only a few short weeks it’s up to 22 stores selling! I think the train is leaving the station so time to hop on.

EverGreen Product

Egg holders are not seasonal.  This egg holder isn’t an exception and is the type of product that can be sold time and time again, and even be branded. It is also available in different colors.

Target The Right Audience

The next important thing is how you manage your Facebook Ad campaigns. We’ve seen stores selling dozens of these with engaging ad copies and graphics. Winning Product Facebook Ad See this Facebook Ad – it was added last week and the response to this post was enormous. If you struggle with your audience interests, our NEXUS AI research machine also gives you a head start with quick Facebook targeting for all products. Facebook Targeting Learn more about creating engaging video ads and Facebook targeting with our Facebook Masterclass Course.

Now go grab this product and add it to your store with our one-click Push To Store feature.

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