Top 5 email marketing platforms for Dropshipping

Top 5 email marketing platforms for Dropshipping

Email marketing remains to be a powerful business asset for customer acquisition in 2021. 

As you’re specifically reading this at Sell The Trend – the dropshipping hub – note that email marketing conversion is beneficial for you as it can greatly increase profits, coming from new and existing customers. 

With so many available email marketing platforms available on the market today, you don’t need to be a tech savvy to launch your first email marketing campaign. 

Moreover, the process can be automated to give a response to customers’ actions.

Thereby, here are the top 5 email marketing platforms to take your dropshipping business to next level. 

Note: These are the most un-biased reviews and we’re not affiliated with these email marketing platforms in any way

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Top 5 Email marketing platforms for Dropshipping

Some email marketing tools are well-suited for dropshipping or you can say Shopify stores. They allow you to access data promptly while offering direct integrations. Other than that, some email marketing tools even allow you to send triggered emails, if not automate the whole process.

So, what is the best email marketing platform for you? let’s go through the best ones in the market:

Top 5 email marketing platforms for Dropshipping


Klaviyo is a great match for dropshippers, given it is created for e-commerce businesses. It is your key to grow your email presence and expand your e-commerce store. According to Shopify, it makes a profit of $85 for every dollar it spends on this platform. 

Dropshippers can increase their profit margins through their advanced features, such as advanced segmentation. Furthermore, automated workflows allow giving responses to customers’ actions easily. In short, it is easy to set up, works great and you do not have a learn a thing to operate it.

The integration with dropshipping stores is prompt and easy to set up, even for a novice seller. They have modern-looking yet functional email templates that work with dynamic niches and blocks. Due to the automation workflows, you can examine which customers see what data and when. Another advanced feature is the A/B testing- quite robust as compared to other tools. 

Klaviyo offers a selection of pre-built automation workflows. While it might get you confused but they cover everything- from win-back emails and abandoned carts to welcome and post-purchase follow-ups. 


  • For 1000 subscribers: $30 per month
  • For 10,000 subscribers; $175 per month 

Top 5 email marketing platforms for Dropshipping


Like Klviyo, an Active campaign has a solid reputation in the email marketing industry for automated processes. Recently, they have launched deep data integration features by collaborating with Shopify. So, it has become a powerful email marketing platform for dropshipping too.

Dropshippers can make use of advanced features such as conditional email content, tagging, dynamic segments, and Active’s CRM to increase profit margins. The advanced automation and integration options with Revenue conduit and Zapier are worth-testing too.

The deep data integration of ActiveCampaign helps you determine all the customers who purchase or abandon their carts. If a customer abandons the cart, your store will automatically appear as a contact on their email.

Not many email marketing tools show the profiles and contact information with purchases but this tool does. The tool follows the algorithm of a purpose-built CRM, which is quite useful for expert dropshippers. 

Last but not the least, its automated editor allows you to build campaigns for re-buy reminders and abandoned carts. 

However, the selection of email templates could be improved to make it a perfect 10/10.


  • Up to 1000 emails: $29 per month
  • Up to 10,000 emails: $155 per month 

Top 5 email marketing platforms for Dropshipping


The multi-channel provider, Omnisend, focuses strongly on the dropshipping business. You can now compose the best business emails in seconds.

Thus, it deserves to be here, on our list. It offers a wide range of automation options. The automation workflows target all stages of a customer’s buying journey. Whether it is order confirmation, cart abandonment, or website abandonment, Omnisend covers everything from A to Z. 

Moreover, some cool yet useful features such as scratch cards and gift boxes also come with the package. It works beyond email marketing as it allows you to send push notifications and messages on Facebook and WhatsApp.

To be a member of Omnisend, all you have to do is fill a sign-up/membership form. After that, Omnisend will automatically link your dropshipping store to the platform. However, you have to use a code if you are using a third-party template for your e-commerce store.

Unlike ActiveCampaign’s editor, it lets you drag your products straight into the emails. Some email marketing conversion-focused features such as the wheel of fortune also come with the subscription. However, we do not see any dropshipper taking advantage of it. 

What they could improve is their selection of email templates. 


  • Up to 24000 emails per month: $30 per month
  • Up to 120,000 emails per month: $102 per month 

Top 5 email marketing platforms for Dropshipping


GetResponse goes a little beyond your regular email marketing platform. It is a powerhouse when it comes to providing full-fledged automation. It offers amazing features such as CRM, sales funnel, landing pages, and even webinars for novice and expert dropshippers. 

The deep data integration for Shopify fetches purchase data, abandoned cart data, and order data. Moreover, it syncs the customers and offers advanced automation campaigns, tagging, and segmentation options for dropshippers.

If you want automation options for your store, GetResponse offers in-built, ready-to-go email templates. Other than that, it builds personalized campaigns for email upsells, abandoned carts, sales promotions, and post-purchase emails.

It allows you to access a customer’s buying history. After that, you can copy products straight from your store and copy them to the emails. A super useful feature if you are looking to increase profits and sales.

However, there is one disadvantage of GetResponse. It sends opt-in emails to all your subscribers. It is a little annoying. But you can always disable it by navigating through the campaign settings. The products and email lists take 24 hours to update. While it is faster than other platforms, it creates bugs in the automated processes.

The customer support from GetResponse is not as exceptional as you believe it to be.


  • Up to 1000 subscribers: $15 per month 
  • Up to 10,000 subscribers: $65 per month 

Top 5 email marketing platforms for Dropshipping

Drip – Ecommerce Revenue Engine

Drip lets you automate even the smallest actions that your customers take on your dropshipping store. If your customer has canceled an order, placed an order, removed a checkout, or even viewed a product, drip knows it all. It works on specific data points that help you increase sales overnight. 

You can access information, including how much money are they spending or from which brand they are buying. There’s a reason they call themselves, ‘CRM for e-commerce’. They allow you to communicate with your customers at every point of the customer’s buying journey. 

They provide something that other platforms do not- integration with Facebook custom audiences. Yes, you can showcase your targeted Shopify ads on Facebook and run successful social campaigns. 

The process to integrate the tool with your store is super easy and prompt. You do not need anything for web tracking. Unlike Omnisend, you do not even have to insert a code. With the colorful workflow editor, you can create all the automation workflows with fun. You can either go for simple processes or complex ones. The choice is yours. 

You can add decisions, parallel paths, and even include actions within the workflow. If you do not have time, you can choose from a great selection of pre-built email templates. 


  • Up to 25,000 subscribers: $39 per month 
  • Up to 5000 subscribers: $89 per month 

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Take-home message 

A good email marketing platform lets you run successful and targeted email campaigns. If you wish to run complex yet automated campaigns, the tools that are mentioned above will work best for you. If you are a novice dropshipper, you need some email marketing tips and a platform to reach your customers.

Moreover, with the targeting tools provided with Sell The Trend, you can furthermore create ad copies, track your competitors, and reach your email subscribers in the most effective way.