Top 15 Tips for More Engaging Facebook Ads

tips for better facebook ads

Facebook advertisements are not easy to create. And if you’re looking to make a one-of-a-kind perfect ad that no one can scroll past, then you’re at the right place!

Facebook is everyone’s go-to social media app or website; customers and businesses alike. With over 2 billion users to lure, it’s market leadership is what appeals to all genres of businesses. Creating a website has become a step that comes much after creating a Facebook page. A close 60 million businesses invest in advertising on Facebook out of a total of 80 million.

The competition amongst businesses is, now, not to simply reach customers, but to keep them hooked! With this generation being far too habituated to scroll past advertisements, it is essential that businesses make their products look as appealing as possible and their advertisements, even more so. To help you with just that, we have collated a few tips to ensure your ad stands out.

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1. Who is it for?

consumer and user of facebook ads

As a business interested in advertising, you need to know who it is that you’re advertising for. This, obviously, depends on the product or service that your business is promoting. It is pivotal for you to understand your target audience. This will allow you to know of their expectations from your product and put your best foot forward (or best product forward).

For example, if you own a business that sells perfumes for women, then your target audience is, well, women. This will include all ages. Hence, you can have different advertisements for different age groups according to the preference of scent age-wise.

However, along with targeting your audience, trying to understand their needs will allow you to make the advertisement far more “relatable”. For instance, if you portray a teenager gaining confidence after using a particular scent, then this might make your advertisement relatable to the female teenagers.

2. Location and Time of Posting

An advertisement is successful if people get to see them! In order to time this perfectly, make sure to post your advertisement according to the peak hours of social media usage wherever you are. This time is usually in the evenings after people are back from work or during lunch hours. Posting your ads after 12 PM or a little after 9 PM is the right time, and that is according to the timezone of the people you are targeting.

3. Do Your Research!

do your facebook ads research

No! Not the statistical infographic information – you need to do heavy research. Do market research for your product. It is important to know the advertising techniques that your fellow competitors use in order to gain an advantage.

Taking inspiration from market leaders when it comes to the format of advertising, is in fact, a good tactic. This is because, for a Facebook advertisement to truly reach its optimal level, you have to mix it up, try different combinations and see what’s most suitable.

Your product’s advertising can be an Image Ad, a Video Ad, a Carousel Ad, a Slideshow Ad etc. If your product is something of utility and is also aesthetic, like furniture, then a Carousel Ad is perfect.

If you’re selling earphones that have a relatively lower aesthetic value, then pictures will not make a difference. However, a video demonstrating someone using the earphones blissfully might make a difference. Your product needs to be displayed in the best way possible!

4. I See, I Remember

No matter the kind of advertisement you finally pick, make sure that it is not heavy on content. If there is a lot of information to share, then do so in the caption above but not in the image or video itself. What is seen is remembered and this is why the advertisement should be image heavy. Visually appealing ads have more influence.

People usually scroll through Facebook for leisure and as a break. Nobody wants to have to read a bunch of information for a product they might be interested in. And chances are, they won’t read it!

They’ll scroll right past it but if the ad is visual then it easily blends in amongst the other posts made by friends and families and seems like a part of the feed instead of a separate advertisement.

5. Nobody Listens

While this subheading is true for humans of our generation, it is also true for advertising! Only if someone’s ad has an extremely enticing video, do Facebook users physically unmute it to hear the audio. However, you can’t know which customer will actually unmute a video.

So, try not to reserve most of the material for the audio and focus more on the visuals. The advertisement should be completely understandable without the audio and should have the same impact with or without the advertisement.

6. Sesquipedalophobia

keep your ad copy simple

Please allow Facebook users to keep their “fear of big words”. It is your responsibility to work around this and refrain from using gigantic words and discombobulate the frontal cortex of the target audience (don’t do it!).

Even if the product is a dictionary or a thesaurus, the language should be simple and understandable to all. Complicated ads are not something audiences try to decipher hence, words that are simple are easy winners and allow users to understand the information you provide about the product.

 7. Let’s Get Extra!

Everyone loves a good laugh or a good cry or maybe a little of both! But get this reaction through your advertisement from your customers and you will definitely stand out. Your ad should be extremely emotive.

If you want to show happiness, then show someone laughing so hard that they fall. If you want to show sadness, then show someone who is alone in a dark room silently crying. The advertisement should be the absolute extreme of whichever emotion you choose.

Your advertisement may or may not be relatable but will be extremely impactful. An advertisement that asks for empathy from the audience is unique to find and is definitely very alluring.

8. Memorise

We all know that the fastest way of shifting information from someone’s short-term memory to their long-term memory is through repetition. Studying for an exam has involved this process and so does Facebook advertising. We can’t expect our target audience to repeat watch the advertisement we post out of customer loyalty though!

But to embed the memory of the business in their heads, repeating a particular image can be quite attractive. The usage of GIFs and boomerangs of the right kind can especially help with this process. Another way of repetition so as to allow it to get stuck in their head is a…

9…Jingle, tagline or catchphrase!

just do it catch phrase

A catchy jingle can do a number on anyone, really. We all hum a couple of jingles from advertisements all the time. But besides jingles, taglines or catchphrases work very well in the development of the name of a business.

With a tagline unique to only the company, it is recognized anywhere, and customers find it harder to forget. A jingle, tagline or catchphrase are easy to make as well.

They can be very short and funny or motivational. The repetition of these hooks the attention of the audience who will then automatically associate the phrases with the business.

10. Aesthetics

The aesthetics of an advertisement is of utmost priority. The visual representation of your business to your probable customers is heavily dependent on the flair of this ad. The usage of colors must be skillful and tasteful. Too many colors can spoil the theme and too little may not give it enough emphasis.

Colors can be played with and used as symbolism. Where subtle shades of red can indicate at romance, darker shades may equate to bloodshed or war. If these are confused, then an advertisement trying to sell flowers on valentine may resemble war. establish the mood and tone of the advertisement and the target audience as well.

Depending on the format of your advertisement, you want to make sure that your visuals are correct! Correct, here, means that the resolution should fit the amount of space allotted in the Facebook page. Consistency amongst this is another thing to be noted. There should also be consistency in font selection.

The fonts in the ad itself should not look too tacky and should complement each other. This may seem like a minor tip, but the lack of consistency usually impinges on the reputation of the business and may seem unprofessional as well.

11. Style

While aesthetics covered most of the basics on visuals, there is a simple detail that will give your business that extra oomph. Playing with colors for aestheticism is one thing but incorporating shades of the colors used for the business logo can play as an effective strategy. In fact, using a font similar to the logo can also aid. This will, overall, give the advertisement a more integrated and professional look!

12. Call To Action

call to action in facebook ads

This is perhaps, the most repetitive, yet effective method, of advertising. In this, the ad urges the target audience to either click on the ad, share it, like it and more of the same. It compels the audience to engage with the advertisement. This method especially increases Pay per click (PPC) income.

The “Call To Action” card is usually played as a way to offer a wider range of products on the website or to provide more information on sales. Either way, for this to work a persuasive verb is required followed by a short phrase.

13. Keep the mystery alive!

Some amount of information should always be there for the target audience to see through which they decide whether or not the product (and hence, the ad) is worth their time. While the basic information like the price should be disclosed through the ad, some information can remain undisclosed so as to entice the Facebook users to click on the advertisement to discover it. This is also an opportunity to use a ‘Call To Action’ wherein there can be multiple offers for the customers.

14. Less is More

Ever been entrapped by those “Limited Edition” scams? This is known as the scarcity appeal. To make a business noticeable, some of the products are differentiated and sold off as “Limited Edition”. This grabs the audience as it compels them to act on whether or not to buy it in a short period of time.

If your ad states that you have a new range of products only for a limited amount of time, then you are likely to make more sales! In fact, scarcity appeal works effectively due to impulse buying as well.

15. Politically correct. ALWAYS.

keep facebook posts politically correct

Your ad will not matter if what you are depicting is hurtful or offensive to any human being in any way. Focussing on a target audience is necessary but not at the expense of those who aren’t your audience.

Regardless, if you write anything that may remotely be considered as politically incorrect, your business will drop due to lack of support. Make sure to always read and re-read, watch and re-watch every advertisement before posting it to Facebook as even the smallest misconception can render your company brand in a negative light.


Ultimately, the idea is to appeal to your target audience, but if possible, then many more people who may be slightly interested in your product or service. This interest is what will increase your business growth and sale of products. With Facebook as the trending social media app and website, you have to bring forward your best game and create the most irresistible advertisement.

Every Facebook user, target audience or not, should be attracted to your advertisement. The tweaks provided here are the best way to get started. So get your business booming by creating engaging Facebook ads!