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The Definitive Guide To Dropshipping On Facebook Marketplace

The Definitive Guide To Dropshipping On Facebook Marketplace

Is it possible to facilitate dropshipping on the Facebook marketplace? Does the marketplace platform give a boost to your dropshipping business? Only a few have studied the case of using Facebook marketplace to dropship. 

As of 2021, there are 2.80 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Certainly, it looks like a promising yet growing platform for e-commerce activists- we can’t fathom to imagine the size of the audience that the e-commerce activists will be able to reach through the Facebook marketplace.

 We could not ignore that many people need information on the business opportunities provided by the largest social media network.

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Can you do dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace?

The Definitive Guide To Dropshipping On Facebook Marketplace Before we begin with the topic everybody is looking for nowadays, it is important to determine how this platform is helping thousands of dropshippers.

Perhaps, it is a lucrative idea to open a dedicated social media e-commerce store to attract millions of users. But why not use this opportunity to turn them into actual and loyal customers? Why not convince all of them to purchase your products?

Unfortunately, the process of selling and buying on Facebook is not easy as it seems. On a global scale, services such as Facebook Marketplace are only available in 50 countries. The Facebook sell and buy groups are great to determine the right products and purchase them straight away. However, Facebook restricts it. At first, the Facebook marketplace restricted dropshippers to deal with local customers only. But now the rules have changed.

But still, it is a wise choice to choose a convenient technical platform if you are launching a dropshipping store. Other platforms make communication, accepting payments, and showcasing products easy.

But that does not mean dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace is a bad idea. It is a brilliant choice and many around us are also enthusiastic about the network’s promoting opportunities. 

We will keep all the disadvantages aside and guide you on how to dropship on Facebook. 

How does the Facebook marketplace work?

The Definitive Guide To Dropshipping On Facebook Marketplace

Many individuals experience various concerns about using the biggest social media network for dropshipping. Dropshipping on the Facebook marketplace is one of the simplest ways to make passive income.

You only need to get through three substantial steps: 

  • Find popular-selling goods on Walmart, Amazon, eBay, etc.
  • List all of those items for sales on the Facebook marketplace
  • If you close a sale, buy it from the website you have picked the product from and deliver it to your customer

You can access Facebook Marketplace as long as you have an active account. It means that it is completely free. At first, you could only sell your items locally (within the local community). However, Facebook Marketplace has evolved greatly. Now the customers can pay you directly (using payment options on Marketplace) and you can ship the items across the globe. 

How to dropship on Facebook Marketplace?

Here are simple steps to dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace:

Create listings

While getting started with dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace, you have to create listings. Head over to the marketplace platform. You will see a dashboard on the extreme left. Search thoroughly and you will find ‘create a listing’.

Upload product photos

The platform will ask for photos. You can download the product images from Amazon, eBay, or Walmart along with their pros, attributes, cons, specifications, and features. If there’s no download option, you can go for screenshots. However, the quality of the pictures will be compromised.

Add product description

Next, Facebook will ask for a product description. If you do not plan to create descriptions, just copy them from Amazon (or any other website you have sourced the picture from) and paste them in the description box. 

Complete other formalities

If you do not want your customers to search for the brand, you can tag ‘branded’ and complete other formalities like:

  • Choosing the right category
  • Selecting the right condition

You can copy and paste anything except the price. You can’t sell it for the price mentioned on Amazon. You would have to increase the price to cover your profit plus the 5% Facebook Marketplace fee. 

Tag the product

Tagging the product allows you to name it besides helping you analyze the products’ performance.

Select the item location

Select the location from where the parcel will ship. For instance, if you have ordered the product from Amazon UK, you would have to use a UK zip code.

Choose the availability of the product

List all the products ‘in stock’ so you can continue selling the items to potential buyers. If you do not select ‘in stock’, the product will mention ‘out of stock’ after one sell. It is better to keep the default option, ‘in stock’ rather than revising it manually.

Sell the item 

Once the item sells, you can buy it from Amazon and ship it to your customer. Use your address for billing and your customer’s address for shipping. 

Can you dropship on Facebook Marketplace with multiple suppliers?

Yes, you can dropship on Marketplace with multiple online retailers. However, we recommend using Amazon as it offers an extensive range of products at competitive prices. It will allow you to make a hefty profit from your dropshipping sales. Use Amazon prime and you will be reputed for fast deliveries!

How to dropship on Facebook? – Increase your dropship sales by using Facebook groups

We are going to talk about how you can boost your Facebook marketplace dropshipping sales.

The preparation

First of all, you have to download accurate and clear multimedia files. All of your products’ videos, photos, and checklists are included. If you are starting new, you would easily find them on your supplier’s item page. You can check out the review section to source original photos. 

Accumulate all the details about the products you are starting with, including their cons, pros, features, specifications, and attributes in a separate file. 

Go to your dropshipping store and create a new product page. However, it is only possible if you have an eBay marketplace or a website store. The other option is to create a Facebook store using your fan page. This method will work even if you don’t have a current dropshipping store.

 Write appealing marketing messages and curate quality content to persuade your potential buyers. Moreover, we recommend joining buy and sell Facebook groups. You will find all the ideal customers there, especially if you are relying on a free or organic marketing strategy. 

Join Facebook Business in case you invest in a marketing strategy. The Facebook Business will help you use advanced features, such as audience insights, professional ads manager, pages, and quick management of multiple stores.

Tips to amp up the preparation method 

  • Join competitor groups and observe how people react to other products
  • Add individuals from various classes of your competitors
  • Join the group using your fan page as well as your profile account
  • Use multiple accounts to keep at bay from violating rules on Facebook 

Create a Facebook fan page

Create a fan page for your dropshipping store and complete the process by posting primary content. You can create mixed content, including neutral (entertaining) and commercial (product ads) posts. You would be able to add any kind of product picture on your fan page. But do not forget to add call-to-action in the captions. 

Use popular hashtags (relevant to your niche) to accelerate your reach within the local community.

All the products that are to be added to the fan page should contain a few call-to-actions (tag a friend, like, share, comment), a merchandise picture, a link to your store’s product page, and a note talking about shipment. 

Join all the related buy and sell Facebook groups 

You can find numerous buy and sell Facebook groups related to your niche (products). Target the biggest Facebook groups with considerable active subscribers. We will find our target audience there.

Social media networks, especially Facebook are a densely populated meeting place for potential buyers. However, the group-joining process will take time as some admins approve the request after 2-3 days. 

Share your content 

If you are approved in any of the groups, you can start by sharing posts from your fan page. The sharing process is quite easy and does not require prior knowledge.

Just select a post from your fan page and click the share button. You will come across three ‘share’ options while clicking it. Choose the second ‘share’ option. Do not select the first option as it will only repost on your timeline, not in the group.

Select the ‘share in the group’ option and mention the name of the community. Facebook will automatically mention the desired groups. Click the post button and voila, you are done. 

The direct method- New tune method

The direct approach entails promoting products directly to your targeted groups. You would be exchanging resources, product pictures, etc.

The price of the products will render explicitly from your posts and messages. Moreover, this method fixes a list of problems that dropshippers face in functionality and characteristics.

All you have to do is upload multiple copies of your ad, including the products’ videos and images. Your ads should feature an unambiguous explanation. However, you can also post your store’s goals separately in some groups. But it is very essential to be active and respond by replying to the customers’ queries. 

Tips for using the direct method 

  • Don’t spam the buy and sell Facebook groups
  • Maintain human activity on Facebook groups to avoid restrictions
  • Test various multimedia and communication methods in the group: use GIFs, videos, and images separately
  • Differentiate between the calls
  • Test each type of Facebook post: polling, stores, carousel pictures, etc.
  • Review all the dropshipping posts before uploading
  • Contact potential buyers privately 
  • Offer vouchers, promotional goodies, and discount as a courtesy
  • Do not be salesy
  • Address the solutions that your products provide
  • Create urgency to encourage your prospective customer to respond to the marketing strategy
  • Do not exchange links, especially if the community rules do not approve

The indirect method

The indirect method prevents the dropshipper from pursuing potential buyers. The approach here is to let the customers come to you. The unique advantage of the indirect method is that it allows you to build a base target audience. 

You would be enjoying traffic. Moreover, you would be building fans and an audience of your own. The indirect method works like a breeze if you want to deliver a new product. 

Besides, the indirect method will help you build a potential dropshipping empire and scale up your customers and audience. 

You can find some good information about facebook marketplace automation on autods.


Dropshipping using Facebook Marketplace is more than possible. However, we are only at the beginning stage. If you have been looking for a perfect side hustle, using Marketplace is profitable, exciting, and fun. 

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