The Best 17 Free Woocommerce Themes for 2021

The Best 17 Free Woocommerce Themes for 2021

In this article, we are going to have a look at the best free Woocommerce themes on the market( in our opinion)

Most of the themes on our list, although being free, have paid versions that don’t take away in any way from the free ones being a cut above most standard themes.

In order for us to rate them as “best” they need to fit into 1 or more of the following categories:

  • Be multipurpose/ Fit into one niche exceptionally well
  • Have responsive design
  • Come with built-in features that help with user experience and conversions
  • Be able to showcase your products effectively
  • SEO- Friendly
  • Integrate well with Woocommerce

So if you are looking for the best of the best , or are just curious about how your theme stacks up, then enjoy the article.

Let’s start.

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Our List of The Best 15 Free Woocommerce Themes

Neve Shop

The Best 17 Free Woocommerce Themes for 2021

Neve is one of our favorite themes for a couple of reasons

First of all, it is a theme that can be used for a wide range of niches. Whether you want a simple blog, portfolio, or a more complex corporate site, Neve gots you covered with their 80+ starter site templates

Another great thing is that it integrates with pretty much all of the famous page builders like:

  • Elementor
  • Visual Composer
  • Site Origin 
  • Divi Builder

Second, it is a theme that is mobile-friendly, fast, flexible, and you have plenty of variety in terms of layout to choose from and functionality to add to your Woocommerce product pages.

Ocean WP

The Best 17 Free Woocommerce Themes for 2021

Ocean WP is another one of our favorites when it comes to woocommerce themes.

At the moment, it has 3,000,000+ installs and no wonder.

One thing that we like specifically about Ocean is that they give you a whole library of information about how to use their woocommerce theme to its highest potential.

Say goodbye to endless “how to” Youtube searches. 

Here are some of the things that make Ocean awesome:

  • The creative demos mentioned earlier
  • Fully Responsive
  • Built with SEO in mind
  • Lightweight for better load time

It comes with a lot of premium quality built-in features that you would need a couple of plug-ins to get the same level of functionality.

Here are the most important ones in our opinion:

  • Native Cart Pop-up
  • Floating add to cart bar
  • Quick product details view option

All of these advanced features help you get more conversions and help you provide a great user experience which is a core Google ranking factor. (hence built with SEO in mind)


The Best 17 Free Woocommerce Themes for 2021

The best way to be sure you have a theme that integrates with Woocommerce is to have a theme that was developed by them( the same developers more specifically).

And this is the exact case with the storefront theme, so you can be pretty sure that you will be getting the most robust woocommerce theme that integrates the best with Woocommerce if you choose Storefront.

Unlike Shopify, every WordPress theme is a Woocommerce one by default. This means that you have a lot more room for customization with each theme.

Where this classic theme lacks in comparison with the other themes mentioned earlier is in terms of the additional features being included.

Ecommerce Gem

The Best 17 Free Woocommerce Themes for 2021

Ecommerce Gem is a theme that makes creating the ideal ecommerce store a walk in the park. 

With its multiple integrated features, you can be 100% sure that you have built a true ”gem”.

So what are its multiple features?

Here there are:

  • Smooth Woocommerce integration
  • Product search feature with category select option
  • Multiple homepage sections for displaying your products
  • Product Carousel
  • Advertisement section


The Best 17 Free Woocommerce Themes for 2021

It is a bit of a lie when they say that they are the most popular theme of all time(compared to Neve’s 3,000,000+ users.)

Either way, 1,653,898 users and an overwhelming amount of 5-star reviews are still pretty impressive.

Where we like specifically about Astra is their big library of pre-built websites that you can import directly via the Astra theme.

Other than that, the free theme comes with a lot of advanced features like:

  • Built specifically for Woocommerce as stated on their website.
  • Popular page builders integration
  • Drag and drop builder included
  • Live editing is possible
  • Lightning-fast load time measured by the top web page speed testing tools(hosting quality still plays a huge role no doubt)


The Best 17 Free Woocommerce Themes for 2021

Zakra is probably the best multipurpose theme on our list. It can literally be adapted to every niche out there.

And we are deadly serious.

If you have a look at their demo website, you will see that they have around 50+ starter website templates for you to choose from.

If you have picked an online industry that has been around for a while, then you will most likely find an amazing theme to choose from their starter templates for your website.

Other than the multiple amazing templates, here are the top features of Zara themes:

  • Responsive design
  • Compatible with most page builders
  • SEO-Friendly
  • 98% 5-star reviews(judging by the variety of themes tailored to industries, it shouldn’t come as a surprise)

Giga Store

The Best 17 Free Woocommerce Themes for 2021

Giga Store is another amazing free Woocommerce theme that is elegant, responsive, and comes with a lot of advanced features that you can use for your online store.

What we like about the theme, on top of it being extremely multipurpose, is that each theme element is created with a specific purpose.

So, let’s quickly summarize what makes Giga wonderful:

  • Built for Woocommerce
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Easily create a custom background and enjoy unlimited color options
  • Social links
  • Section and testimonial carousel integrated into the theme

Shopping Cart

The Best 17 Free Woocommerce Themes for 2021

As you may have noticed, we are alternating between more “advanced” free themes and more “free” free themes where you expect a more straight-to-the-point, reliable option.

If you own an ecommerce store or are looking for a specific “store” theme, ShoppingCart is the best choice.

It includes all of the basics such as:

  • Multiple sections on the home page to display your products
  • Widgets
  • Multiple Navigation
  • Integrates with basic plug-ins for functionality like contact forms, breadcrumbs, site speed optimization, etc.

Store Villa

Unlike the previous mention on our list, the Store Villa theme offers a lot more functionality for your ecommerce store.

The things that we like the most about the theme are:

  • Built-in customizer tool
  • Unlimited slider options
  • Product search feature
  • Home page sections for showcasing your products

So if you are looking for an advanced theme built specifically for showcasing your products while giving them a personal touch beforehand( customizer tool), then the store vila theme is the right one for you. 

Hestia Lite

The Best 17 Free Woocommerce Themes for 2021

Hestia Lite is another great woocommerce theme that can be adapted to a wide range of niches. It is great for one-page websites that revolve around a single product, or not.

Here are some of the advanced features that come with the theme:

  • Lightweight
  • SEO- Friendly
  • Live Customizer
  • Compatible with most major page builders
  • Mega menus
  • 1-Click Updates
  • Woocommerce integration

So if Hestia Lite sounds great, you can join the other 100,000+ users who have built excellent websites using the theme.


The Best 17 Free Woocommerce Themes for 2021

We think more suitable names would be “excellence” or “elegance”. However you choose to call it, you would be completely right.

It is a theme best suited for business.

However, with its simplistic layout, excellent structure, and plenty of free space both in the header area and underneath, you have a theme that can be adapted to a wide range of potential niches.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional in your field looking to display their achievements and services, or an ecommerce product owner looking to showcase one or multiple products.

That being said, here are the built-in features that you can expect when installing the theme:

  • Popular plug-in integration
  • Social menus
  • Built-in customizer
  • SEO-friendly


The Best 17 Free Woocommerce Themes for 2021

We didn’t want to leave you with just one option like the Excellent theme, so we added to our list Virtue as well.

This theme is also extremely versatile and can be adapted to a wide range of niches.

Here is a summary of the theme’s most important features:

  • Header menu options
  • Boxed layout
  • Typography
  • Lightweight
  • Responsive design
  • Easy customization

Beauty Studio

The Best 17 Free Woocommerce Themes for 2021

As you can guess by the name, this theme would be great if you are in the beauty niche.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a photographer, sell photography equipment, own a local spa, or sell cosmetics

The theme is truly amazing for businesses that rely heavily on visuals to sell their services or products.

In terms of functionality, you get:

  • Custom widgets
  • Responsive slider Image
  • Custom sidebar areas
  • Social media integration

Eight Store Light

The Best 17 Free Woocommerce Themes for 2021

Eight Store Light is an extremely feature right theme.

If you choose this theme you will have pretty much everything you need to create a professional, stylish, yet functional ecommerce store.

Just like the other advanced themes on our list, Eight Store comes with a fast loading speed, translation ready, beautiful design, and a highly configurable home page to accommodate all of your wonderful products.

In term of other features, here are some some truly great ones in our opinion:

  • Alternate between boxed and full-width layout
  • Advanced wishlist
  • Youtube video integration on the pop-up builder
  • Featured product show list
  • Promo ticker
  • Call to action elements

Zigcy Lite

The Best 17 Free Woocommerce Themes for 2021

Zigcy is a great Woocommerce theme that you can also use to build an amazing ecommerce store.

What we like most is that up until now there haven’t been any reviews less than 5 stars with its 3000+ installs.

Yes, the sample size is still relatively low, however, with its elegant design and top-notch features, we doubt that anytime soon there will be a lower review.

Let’s get into the specific features:

  • Modern Design
  • Woocommerce deep integration
  • Color configuration
  • CTA section
  • Easy customization
  • 2 Woocommerce archive layouts
  • 4 Page layouts
  • 5 included demos that you can import with 1 click


The Best 17 Free Woocommerce Themes for 2021

If you have an online store that sells anything in the lifestyle, health & fitness, travel, photography, or beauty niche in general, then Ashe is for you.

With their 60,000+ downloads and 99% 5-star ratings, you can be pretty sure that you are getting a solid, user-tested theme that is regularly updated and provides great functionality.

Speaking of functionality, here are some of Ashe’s top features:

  • Lightweight
  • Fullscreen Slider
  • Instagram slider widget support
  • GDPR compatibility plug-ins support
  • SEO-Friendly


The Best 17 Free Woocommerce Themes for 2021

Kadence is a theme that took the market by storm. In just about 6 months with its 40,000+ active installations, there are only 5-star reviews. (96% to be precise)

The best part is that just like the other themes on our list Kadence offers advanced functionality while being free.

Here are the features that make Kadence great:

  • Drag and drop header and footer builder
  • Full library of gorgeous starter templates
  • Lightweight

Bonus One: Number 18# Ecommerce Market

The Ecommerce Market theme is the final theme that we will leave you with before we wrap up this best woocommerce themes blog post.

 It is another great option for your arsenal given that it is:

  • SEO-Friendly
  • Fully Responsive
  • Fast Loading
  • You have plenty of customization options all from the page layout to the background images and colors


There you have it.

These are the best 17 Woocommerce themes in our opinion. If you are a current user of one of the above-mentioned themes, then you have made a great choice.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article.

Drop us a comment below which is your favorite Woocommerce theme and why so that the other readers can benefit.

Thank you for reading and keep dropshipping.