Is Dropshipping Custom T-Shirts In 2021 A Good Idea?

Is Dropshipping Custom T-Shirts In 2021 A Good Idea?

The Newswire estimates that the custom t-shirt market is expected to expand and reach a whopping 6.9 billion by the start of 2027. Custom t-shirts are gaining popularity among brands and renowned companies in the fashion industry. While most brands use them as merchants for offerings, branding, and advertising, a whole lot of people like wearing custom t-shirts. 

We have seen a spike in the increasing use of printed, custom t-shirts for promoting a league, a movie, or a company. Improving a brand’s visibility is the main cause of market growth. However, the graphic-designed custom t-shirts also contribute to the CAGR of the t-shirt printing industry. 

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The custom t-shirt industry has evolved 

One of the main industries to drive fashion trends is the custom t-shirt industry. It is growing by offering personalized, t-shirt designs, vintage shirts, long sleeve custom t-shirt, graphic t-shirts, etc. The future of the custom t-shirt industry looks promising and positive as brands across the globe are embracing the shirt printing process.

Custom t-shirts attract a wide audience of young people. One of the main reasons why brands target the young segment of society is that custom t-shirts align and strike a chord with a person’s hidden personality or creativity. 

Teenagers and even pre-teenagers have the flexibility and freedom to choose all the elements of their printed custom t-shirt design including logo, color combination, etc.

Custom t-shirts unleash the creativity of the person so that they can match their attitude, personality, and style. 

Therefore, every savvy dropshipper and t-shirt seller knows that consumers are into products and services that shout their sense of humor, individuality, creativity, and style. 

Top reasons why dropshipping custom t-shirts will trend in 2021

A T-shirt is a clothing piece that never goes out of style or trend. Whether you are dropshipping custom t-shirts, graphic t-shirts, vintage t-shirts, or oversized tees, they will never go out of trend. In fact, the data shows that people of all age groups are starting to like and add t-shirts to their wardrobe in 2021. 

If you are considering dropshipping custom t-shirts, you would be happy to relate to the development in the t-shirt market. All you have to do is get in contact with a t-shirt printing company and come up with the latest and trendiest printing ideas to attract a fleet of customers. 

Now, coming to the reasons why dropshipping custom t-shirts is trending:

Companies are investing more in branding 

Thousands of businesses commence every year and it gets difficult for every business to get the attention they deserve. Most brands have started using custom t-shirts to target the audience and grab the attention of potential customers. 

With good contacts in the market, you can sign up for a long contract with a company looking for custom t-shirts. Provide them a unique style to showcase brand visibility and the deal is all yours. 

Putting information (such as a logo or a phone number) about a brand on a custom t-shirt is relatively easier than catering to people coming up with their custom ideas. All you have to do is communicate the brand’s message on your custom t-shirt and voila, you are done. 

Custom t-shirts allow making fashion quotient 

Swaggers and teenagers are all about making style statements while showing off their personality, style, and attitude. They always prefer to wear custom t-shirts because they want everybody to sense their individuality. 

Custom t-shirts are the only way to flaunt their fashion quotient. However, they prefer showing off in various styles. Thus, a wise dropshipper should expand his printing options to custom hoodies, long sleeve custom t-shirts, custom sweatshirts, etc. 

Dropshipping custom t-shirts is cost-effective 

People that are new to the dropshipping business have a limited budget to break through the niche. Therefore, they do not want to get ahead with a high-end product. Instead, they want a cheap product that they want to work with.

Online printing and custom t-shirt maker tools have made it extremely easy and cost-effective for people to dropship custom t-shirts. A good quality custom t-shirt is not expensive and lasts for many years. 

The custom t-shirt dropshipping business contributes to a good cause 

We have seen a spike in the number of environmentalists and activists shouting to save the planet. They are educating people and now, humans are more aware of the concerning environment across the globe. 

All sensible people are making use of eco-friendly products to help the cause. Printing custom t-shirts require minimal carbon and energy. People in 2021 are more than motivated to invest in eco-friendly wear. So why not dropship custom t-shirts that are also environmentally friendly?

How to start a custom t-shirt dropshipping business?

Is Dropshipping Custom T-Shirts In 2021 A Good Idea?

Dropshipping is an overly-thrown word in 2021 but as it turns out, it is a good business model that can help you to establish your own business. All the print-on-demand specialists have embraced the new business model and have come up with new ways to dropship custom t-shirts. 

We have put together a comprehensive yet helpful guide to get you started on dropshipping custom t-shirts in 2021: 

What do you need to start a custom t-shirt dropshipping business?

  • Great designs to use for custom t-shirts
  • A Shopify account
  • Partnership with a top-notch yet cost-effective printing business

Prepare your designs 

The first step is to come up with appealing designs to print on the custom t-shirts. You can take help from Pinterest or explore your creativity. Most dropshippers sell print-on-demand shirts. It means that the customer sends a design and the dropshipper prints it on the t-shirts to complete the order. 

However, you will need a few designs so that you can showcase your products and attract the audience. 

Get in touch with a print-on-demand website

There are thousands of printing websites that allow you to send in your designs for custom t-shirts. Conduct research and shortlist some of the best printing businesses in this niche. Make sure to explore their design maker tools, website, and the printing process. 

Do not forget to check the printing brand’s authenticity and quality of printing. Do they have good reviews on the internet? Do they give out samples before the contract? Do they produce good-quality printing tees? 

You have to go over every detail to ensure that your customers get the best-personalized t-shirts. If a company offers intuitive tools for adjusting and making designs, it will help you to make a good quality tee for your customer. 

The reviews and the quality sample of their work will determine the authenticity of their business. If you are not satisfied with their quality of printing, move on to the other option you have shortlisted. The bad quality of the printing will affect your dropshipping business negatively. 

Link your account to submit your designs 

Once you have selected the right printing business to make custom t-shirts, create an account on their websites and start the process. The simpler the process, the quicker you would be able to start. 

The company or supplier you are working with must have an intuitive design tool to resize, send and upload your designs from Facebook, Instagram, or local files on your computer. 

Once your custom t-shirt design is in the interface, you can reposition, adjust, resize and move it onto the t-shirt as you like. 

Most businesses offer a real-time preview in their intuitive tools to show you the live changes as you make them. 

Whenever you are happy and satisfied with your design, you can upload it to your product page and send it to the supplier to print is as soon as possible. 

Dropshipping custom t-shirts is easier in 2021

Once you have all the cogs in the place, nothing is easier than dropshipping custom t-shirts in 2021. The relationship between custom t-shirts and dropshipping is seamless and a lot of printing suppliers are there to cater to your printing needs. 

Once you have uploaded the custom t-shirt designs on your Shopify store, the potential customers start browsing the option and even place orders if you manage to impress them. 

They proceed to the payment process after they have placed the order. The custom t-shirt order is directly sent to your printing supplier with the details, via email. 

Some suppliers offer great discounts on wholesale orders. Therefore, your profit will stay right where it should be, in your pocket. 

Why should you choose a third-party print-on-demand company?

The custom dropshipping business model is quite lucrative. The process is smooth, you don’t need an initial outlay, you don’t have to spend much time designing and there are minimal risks. 

Moreover, using a third-party supplier or a company to print the designs makes the process easier. You would receive high-quality print-on-demand shirts without any hassle. You won’t have to spend extra hours on sewing or cutting as companies offer handmade-to-order custom t-shirts. 


Shopify allows dropshippers to run their own e-commerce stores while print-on-demand websites allow them to excel in the custom t-shirt dropshipping business. They offer worldwide services so you could be an essential part of the custom t-shirt printing industry, in no less than a few months. 

In case of further questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a reply. 

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