How To Keep Your Customers Coming Back?

Creating products that form habits, or giving customers incentives on their purchases, shows the compassion you have for your customers. Returning customers are indeed the fuel of any business. They are what keeps the business alive over time. While many businesses out there are heavily focused on getting new clients, they tend to ignore their existing ones and end up losing a lot of business. 

Today, with the rise in the popularity of social media, many companies are lifting off on the revenue they earn from affiliates and ambassadors. This is just one of many methods to get customers more interested in coming back to you again. When it comes to dropshipping businesses the customers are not just the people who buy your services and products, they are the mouth that talks about your products and services to others. 

Any dropshipping owner should never take the ‘repeat’ business for granted. Customers have all the right to go and often time vanish without any explanation. These customers never return, taking with them a large chunk of your revenue. Always be cautious when you are pursuing a customer to stay, and always remember the tactic that you used to get them interested in your product in the first place.

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1. Create a habit-forming product

When we talk about creating a “habit-forming” product, it is in the essence that the product should be a little addictive to the customer. Making “addictive” products doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be something that people crave all the time, or start growing anxious when they don’t have the product. This may seem a little extreme, but in your dropshipping business, if you give services relating to products that get people hooked onto them, then you have signed a customer for the next few years. 

Products like video games and clothing and other entertainment accessories are a good option; anything that can be drop shipped with the AliExpress dropshipping in a reasonable time.  Apps like Sell The Trend helps you find Millions of Trending and Popular Products on Aliexpress with extreme ease.  The key to this agenda is to inspire the customer with so much joy that he/she keeps coming back.

2. Always target your business’ ideal customers. 

The best way to find loyal customers is not by selling your product to everyone. Selling it to the right person or crowd will do wonders for your business. First, figure out who your ideal customers are and then make products that will be suitable for these customers. Once you start pitching your business to the right people, then you can focus on outreach and further marketing. 

3. The DIY factor

A Harvard Business School study revealed that there is always something interesting about the link between customers choosing products that they can build or re-create at home, and products that cost more, where customers will not have to do anything with them. This is called the IKEA Effect. This study shows that people often prefer investing and purchasing products that require some work to complete it. 

There is always something fun and interesting about Lego sets, IKEA furniture, and salad bars. After completing the work on the product, the customer has a sense of accomplishment, which motivates them to invest in such DIY products even more. So consider dropshipping buildable products.

4. Give them a reason to come back 

Any customer would forget you and your business after purchasing a product for the first time. The only thing that can prevent this, is to always give your customers a reason to come back to your business. Any dropshipping social business, can easily retain customers by offering them promo codes, discounts, and other incentives that motivate them to always choose your brand always. 

For instance, if the staff treat each customer with consideration, and compassion almost like a friend, this will make a massive change on the customers’ perception of you. They will find your business a safe bet and will always like the treatment that your staff provides. 

5. Offer an easy way for customers to contact you

 Form clear channels of communication between you and your customers. This means that you have to establish a good customer support service. Give customers a place to ask questions and doubts about products. Always be prompt in answering questions and even taking feedback. 

6. Put together a great team

All you need is a good team, and the rest of the business would seem to sort itself out automatically. Believe it or not, your team has a huge impact on customers. Their professionalism, communications, and attitude add up to the customers’ shopping experience

Even if you are operating an online dropshipping business, make sure that you have people who are knowledgeable, hard-working, and effective at selling products. 

7. Make Customers Feel Like Royalty

Even after retail stores and other merchants have shifted their work online, there is still a vast category of people who still prefer physically going to a location and purchasing products. In online shopping, there is no direct interaction of the customers with the product. Rather than having options online, create incentives for customers to come to your store and experience capitalism at its fundamental state. 

There are plenty of ways to connect with your customers. You can start thanking your customers by sending them an email when they are done placing an order. You can also write to the customers after they have purchased the product, inquiring about it. This automatically shows the customer your compassion, concern, and hospitality. 

But when you are sending customer emails, make sure that you are not promoting a new product to them. This annoys people more than anything else, so be careful when you send customers personal messages. 

8. Provide the best customer experience possible

Always make sure that your customers are being treated very well. Every customer’s overall experience decides whether he/she would visit your business later or not. So train your staff to be polite and ready with a hospitable attitude. Once the customer is happy and feels they can trust your business, then they will lower their guard down and will be more candid and interested in your business. 

How To Keep Your Customers Coming Back?