How To Drive Traffic To Your Store?

 by Lisa W. - March 11th, 2020 | Last Updated on May 10th, 2021

Over delivering on quality should never be underestimated to drive in foot traffic to your store. Choose a product or service that your store can provide better than any of your competitors, and invest resources on that said product or service, this will increase the traffic to your store inevitably. 

Foot traffic is one of the most important aspects of running a store. No matter how unique and different your business is, the traffic is all based on supply and demand. If your product satisfies the demand for the supply that consumers need, then it is bound to do well. Increased traffic means increased purchases, which means increased revenue.

But how can one tackle this huge hurdle of attracting people to the store? Luckily there are plenty of methods that businesses have been using for a long time to drive traffic. In this post, we will take a look at all the tried-and-tested tips on increasing traffic to your store. But before we take this dive, let us look at the fundamental meaning of foot traffic. 

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What is traffic in retail?

Traffic or foot traffic refers to the total number of customers who are in the vicinity of your store at any given time. Traffic is very important for any business to sustain in this economy. Foot traffic can tell us a lot about our business itself. It shows which is a more lucrative product, how well the marketing efforts are working, and whether or not the staff is doing their job at your store. 

Can we measure this foot traffic? Of course we can! There are plenty of advanced tools and accessories available to count the number of people entering your store, but the simplest way to do that is through a people counter. Some tools can even measure shopper’s behavior, dwell time, and other interesting things. These kinds of tools are helpful to large Casinos and other businesses that interact with a heavy population on a daily basis. 

Discover Thousands of Winning Dropshipping Products in Multiple Niches

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Methods to increase traffic to your store

1. Keep your store well maintained 

Nobody wants to walk into a store that has a painting peeling off, or cobwebs in the corners. A well-maintained store does wonders to any business. Start maintaining your store by cleaning it in timely intervals. Keep the windows clean and get a repaint if you have to. Renovate the whole store if you feel that it is too shabby or unpleasant to start with, and once you have done a good job, you wouldn’t have to do any major renovations in years. 

Go outside your store and have a glimpse of it from the outside, think like a customer, and strictly critique your store. Assign various maintenance tasks to your employees and give them incentives or appreciation. This keeps the employees encouraged to keep the store clean and tidy at all times. 

2. Take your business online 

Do not confuse this for shifting your whole operation online. Open an extension of the store online. Social media is a very good place to market and publicize, but apart from social media, try to get your own website. A website is an excellent place to introduce your products and services to the masses, and this will further motivates them to visit your store. 

Start your eCommerce, set up a website, and display your service catalog, intrigue people for the services and products that are not yet out but will be soon. This increases brand awareness and foot traffic to the store like nothing else. Joining Apps such as Sell The Trend will help you find Millions of Trending Products to add to your store to showcase to your potential customers. 

3. Get Influencers as affiliates and ambassadors 

Getting influencers as affiliates and ambassadors, has to be one of the best ways to draw in traffic. Nike first started this by hiring an Olympic racer, Verizon Wireless hosts events where customers come to their stores and video call an NFL player. Influencers are a new and modest method of celebrity ambassadors. Often times on social media like Instagram and YouTube, these influencers give away promo codes for certain products, and sometimes even end up reviewing the products. 

This increases the outreach and awareness of the brand, product, and service. The affiliate system is the latest and widely abused method to draw in traffic, so why not give it a shot. 

4. Give discounts 

Always be generous at this stage. You want to attract people to your store, so you have to give them an incentive to do so. Start giving away products and discounts online. Give out codes and promo codes online; this will help you publicize as well as draw in traffic.

Giving away exclusive freebies on in-store products will motivate customers to visit your store instead of ordering anything online. Start a point-based system for your loyal customers and give them rewards for every merch they purchase. Not only does this system draw-in traffic, it also sustains the customers you had earlier. 

5. Pet amenities 

Almost 68% of Americans have pets, this gives you an opportunity to make your store pet-friendly. Installing amenities like some water bowls and a few treats for the animals would increase the chances of getting owners (consumers) to your store. Creating a pet-friendly place can be a bit daunting, especially with the cleanups, but this is the load that comes with increased foot traffic to your store.

Making the pets comfortable would indirectly mean that you are making the customer also feel comfortable, once the pets have started to like their visits to your stores, it is only time until these customers become loyal to your store. 

However, there can be many legal limitations. 

Keep in mind that there may be legal limitations to this idea, so check with your local health and safety boards to ensure you are following the right rules. 

By Lisa W.

Lisa is an integral part of the Sell The Trend Family. She has a keen eye for spotting products right before they become big winners!

Discover Thousands of Winning Dropshipping Products in Multiple Niches

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