How do I find the best sellers on AliExpress?

How do I find the best sellers on AliExpress?

It is crucial to locate, communicate, and build healthy relationships for the long-term survivability of your store. Therefore, you need to filter your seller search, analyze their performances, check out their services, read out the reviews, and communicate openly with them. 

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Steps to find the best sellers on AliExpress?

It is essential to work with top-performing sellers to grow in the dropshipping business. Let’s move to the 6 steps of choosing reliable AliExpress sellers:

Filter your seller search 

Change the default filter setting, ‘Best Match’ to 4 stars and up’. With that, you would be able to see the top-rated products on AliExpress. Go through the sellers’ profiles who sell the top-rated products. This way, you’d not only find your winning product but a good seller too.

Analyze seller performance 

You would find a positive feedback rating next to each seller’s name. Use that to your advantage to determine the best ones in your niche. A seller with a 95% positive feedback percentage is who you should communicate. Anyone having a feedback percentage lower than that can pose a risk to your business. 

By clicking on the feedback rating, you would be able to see some metrics, such as the seller’s shipping speed, customer service, communication, etc.

Check out the delivery time and shipping options

Scroll to the top of the main web page and change the region to where your sellers reside. Choose the product variations and region of delivery. You would come across a clickable shipping method link. After clicking, a pop-up will appear showing all the details such as the delivery times, shipping options, and prices.

Check out customer reviews

Even though the ‘4 stars and up’ filter is active, you still need to check customer reviews. By reading the reviews, you can know more about the first-hand experience of existing customers with the seller.

Do not overlook refunds and money-back guarantee

The buyer protection guarantee button will help you find out all the conditions under which the seller will accept refunds.

Communicate openly with the seller

If a seller matches all the requirements, it is time to make a move. Initiate a conversation and check their communication and response time and speed. Use the opportunity to ask something about the services. This way you will know if he’s good at what he does.

You might not get the products at the best wholesale price but you can surely grow your business and make an immense profit by dealing with the best sellers on AliExpress.

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