How Cyber Monday’s can help you generate lots of sales

How Cyber Monday's can help you generate lots of sales

Cyber Monday is one of the happiest and busiest days for any online store owner. As long as you have a plan ready beforehand, the sales you generate that day might rival what you can in a month.

In 2018 alone, the US saw a total of $6 billion spendings by 67.4 million shoppers. Along with Black Friday, these are the two days where the shopping season ends, and people become desperate to spend their money and get the best items. If you own a dropship business, you would be making a grave mistake not capitalizing on this day.

When you have this much sales within your reach, it would be self-sabotage for you to not come up with a plan for Cyber Monday. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use this auspicious day to generate sales.

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What Is Cyber Monday?

Before we move on to some tricks, you should first understand what Cyber Monday means. While Black Friday might have been around for ages, Cyber Monday is a much more recent addition- which, if nothing else, the Cyber on the name probably gives it away. A sales day that’s only possible because of the internet.

Cyber Monday usually happens on the first Monday from Thanksgiving. This year, it will be on 30th November, 2020. Its debut date is on 28th November of 2005. The purpose of the day was to essentially give the customers a gentle push to start buying online. It clearly worked, as years later, it’s one of the days with the highest sales. In 2005, Cyber Monday had online sales of $486 million. You already know about the crazy number in 2018. In 2019, this number was 9.4 billion.

Even for a dropshipper or any other online store owner working outside the US, it’s a great day to generate sales, as the day has been adapted globally. People all over the world are simply eager to spend their money on this day, you just have to give them the right push.

What To Do For Cyber Monday

Now that you’ve realized the impact of Cyber Monday, the only thing you need to know is what you should do for your dropshipping business on this day.

1 . Hourly Product Changes

On this day, you want the shopper’s focus on your website and no one else’s. However, when they have so many options, why would they remember yours? To attract your customers, you should have different products at the main attractions every hour or so. The customers should be aware of the variety of products you are offering and highlighting certain items would get their attention quickly.

A shopper that might not have liked the jeans you were showcasing an hour ago on your website, just might come back an hour later to find a pair of shoes in its place that they like. This would show them there is way more to your site than they think and would make them explore. As long as they are willing to browse through, they are quite likely to make a purchase.

2. Cyber Monday Special Deal

If you won’t have a deal ready on this special day, then when will you? And no, it can’t be something like offering a 20 percent off, which is something they see every other day anyway. Your competitions are coming up with some exciting deals on this day and you have to match up to them. In fact, you have to stand out from them.

Your Cyber Monday offer has to be so exclusive that the customers won’t be able to resist. For example, there are companies that offer free shipping on this day. One of the biggest reasons for customer’s worry is shipping, so by making it free or even cutting down on the shipping fee, you would be attracting a scary amount of people.

Yes, toning down on the shipping fee seems like a loss at first but when you have people purchasing from you every second, it would more than make up for it.

3. The Timer

So potential customers are browsing through your site and have found a product they like, but they are still contemplating whether to hit the purchase button or not and end up canceling the last second. What do you do? You increase their sense of urgency on this fine day. What if the item is going to be sold out in 10 minutes and the customer never has the option of buying it again? You can be assured they would hit the checkout button no matter what.

A ticking countdown timer that shows how long an item or deal will be on the dropshipping store to its very last second is the last bit of motivation they need.

4. Emails

It’s time to put your customer service skills to use. For your loyal customers, create an exclusive offer for Cyber Monday and send it to them. On this day, they would have more deals, offers, discounts than first-time visitors on the site. They would know how valuable they are to you and would think all their previous purchases have been worth it. The exclusive offers would also motivate them to purchase more than they usually would.

On the other hand, you have secured the trust and loyalty of your customer even further.

Final Thoughts

One of the necessary things you should do on Cyber Monday is to get your website checked beforehand. It should be capable of handling a huge amount of traffic as even the most unknown stores would get more customers visiting their website on this day. All your huge plans for Cyber Monday would be for nothing if customers come to your site, only to find it has crashed. Even worse, if they are in the middle of making a purchase and the site decides to give up on them.

This single mistake can put them off from your store for a long time. So, be prepared.