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How Can Dropshippers Improve Their Sales?

How Can Dropshippers Improve Their Sales?

Here’s how you can increase your dropshipping sales:

⦁ Have the best price tags
⦁ Find and build product niche
⦁ Promote, promote, promote!
⦁ Build trust and customer care service

The dropshipping business model has been a success in the past decade for e-commerce stores. Looking at the mega giants in this industry, like Amazon or Aliexpress, many business owners hoping to grab the same opportunities have jumped onto the same boat. But, getting your dropshipping sales to increase is a different ordeal. As a new dropshipping store owner, persuading potential customers can be quite difficult.

Here are 4 tips to improve your chances of improving your dropshipping sales.

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⦁ Have The Best Dropshipping Price Tags

Price is a deciding factor for most customers- mark a product too high no one will want to buy it, but mark it too low, and you will be getting the shorter end of the bargain.

An issue that most new businesses face when trying to establish their brand is putting a higher price tag on their products compared to the competition. Naturally, customers don’t want to pay extra for the same item they can get from other e-commerce retailers. But then again, making products cheaper than the other businesses also means that the difference will come from your pockets, denting your profits. The key is to find the balance between the two.

To find the right pricing strategy, you need to conduct extensive research on your target demographic and what they want. Say you start an exclusive collection of vintage clothes or handcrafted antique clocks. Adding a couple of extra bucks on items that are rare to find and that are meant for a select few people may make easy sales. On the other hand, selling more common products like basic t-shirts or seasonal wear for the same profit margin will not entice shoppers to buy from you.

The price tags should reflect on the products you sell, the brand motto you want your e-commerce store to say, and the targeted group of people.

⦁ Find and build product niche

A lot of business owners get inspired by bigger e-commerce stores like Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba that carry a wide variety of products. They have several departmental categories to sort the types of items they stock and distribute. However, despite their success, they shouldn’t be the global market basis for all dropshipping platforms. They can be considered the exceptions to this rule.

An e-commerce dropshipping niche is a narrow category under which all your products fall. Choosing a particular type of merchandise you want to sell means making that theme around which your brand and company will revolve around.

For example, while clothing is a broad niche, graphic rock band t-shirts are a specific, narrowed niche. This automatically creates a target audience willing to purchase what you sell; in this case, it would be a group of people that loves band music and buys their merchandise.

Often, people are afraid to narrow down their specialty in fear of losing potential customers. However, trimming down your target group also means you would create demand among people you want to sell. Additionally, a broad niche can very well mean more competition, fewer sales, and less overall brand success for your e-commerce venture.

Start building your product-specific niche by focusing on the things you are passionate about- whether it’s baking or electronics or books- creating a business that connects to you on a personal level is bound to give you an edge in the long run. The next step is connecting with vendors and cataloging your products based on that theme. Incorporating your product niche and forming marketing strategies based on it will draw attention to potential customers, increasing sales.

For more advice, check out this blog by marketing expert, Neil Patel.

⦁ Promote, promote, promote!

Advertising your dropshipping store is a sure way to boost sales. However, there are several different methods and aspects to go about marketing. For the most effective plans and the best results, all of these need to be ticked off.

Start by increasing the visibility of your brand and store by promoting it across different platforms. Use Google ads, paid advertisements, SEO strategies, sponsored local SEO, etc. to rank better on SERPs and invite users to visit your site. This will increase organic traffic to your site.

The next phase is social media marketing. Social media is a powerful tool in today’s market. Employing a comprehensive social media marketing strategy can single-handedly boost sales by a considerable margin. Using LinkedIn and Twitter to improve brand visibility and recognition and Instagram profile and Facebook Ads to target your ideal group of people is a reliable promotion tactic advertising both the site as well as products too.

⦁ Build trust and customer care service

Customer is king- a motto that all businesses should live by.

At the end of the day, people like revisiting and relying on familiar shops. They like to talk about those brands and products with their friends and families, nudging them to shop from the same store as well. This remains true for even e-commerce stores too.

So, the priority of your business should always be providing a great shopping experience for all your potential buyers. At each interval, you must think like a customer to know how to proceed.

Customer care begins with the website itself- from the layout to the ease of navigation. It also means focusing on the construction of the site, the quality, and quantity of products, maintaining a consistent stock of items, easy checkouts, constant updates, safe transactions, and scheduled delivery. Customer care doesn’t end there.

After a buyer has made a purchase, sending follow-up emails thanking them and asking for reviews and ratings can make people feel appreciated as well as help in improving the quality of service you provide.

Building trust and healthy relationships with past and potential buyers is a sure way to get more sales instantly.