Ecom Influencer: Ryan Melnick

Ecom Influencer: Ryan Melnick

Ryan is no doubt a rising star in the Ecom world. He Began his entrepreneurial journey at 16 years old where he would buy things at garage sales and resell them on eBay. He has closed over $1 Million in Face to Face sales before the age of 20. He Started his first Shopify store as a college student where he went from college student to 7-Figures in sales in just 2 years-Wow that’s quite an accomplished. He is focused on helping others understand not just how this business works, but also WHY it works the way that it does. He states that his biggest personal goal is to help as many people as he possibly can. Ryan was kind enough to let us pick his brain about his journey so far. 

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STT: When did you start out in ecom?


STT: When did you have your first big success/winning product? what was the product?

RM February 2017 – The Air Couch 

STT: How much did you make on your first winning product?

RM: $300K in sales & $70K in Net Profit.

STT: Did you buy any toy/toys with your earnings?

RM: Yes. Shares of Shopify Stock 🙂

STT: Were there any hard moments/times before you made your breakthrough that you would like to share? Ecom Influencer: Ryan Melnick

RM:  When I started in this business in 2016, there were very few “courses” or “gurus”. I actually started by fulfilling my orders in Aliexpress manually by hand! Order fulfillment software did not exist quite yet. So for me, it REALLY WAS just going out there and practicing trial and error every day. For that reason, the first 6 months or so were truly the grind. 

STT: What is something that most people don’t know about you and they would be surprised to find out?

RM: I am in 7 Fantasy Football Leagues. (NFL football is my guilty pleasure)

STT: What do you like to do when you are not working?

RM: Travel the world with my Fiance, Hang out with my pup, find other ways to make money… :0

STT: What is the most important piece of advice you can give to new entrepreneurs starting out today?

RM: One attribute for growth on the road of entrepreneurship involves self understanding. It is unbelievably important to know who you are and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. It’s HIGHLY UNLIKELY that you will have a group of people behind you supporting you on the path of entrepreneurship. Nobody will believe in you as much as you will believe in yourself. Be persistent, fail early and often, and never give up.

STT: What’s your plans for the next 2, 5 and 10 years. What’s your future vision for your business?

RM: Continue to grow my personal brand and focus on building more forms of passive income.

STT: Anything new you are working on that you are excited about?

RM: My revamped 43+ Hour Program – Dropshipping Perfection 2.0 was just launched recently. We put on our very first $20K/Day Mastermind in Orlando last month. There will be more $20K/Day Masterminds throughout the US in 2020! 


Thank you Ryan for sharing your experience and knowledge with us.  Feel free to message Ryan on his socials above and subscribe to his Youtube channel where he is dropping serious knowledge.