Ecom Influencer: Joshua Zitting

Dropshipping and Ecom Guru Joshua Zitting

When Joshua Zitting shared with me that he talked about Sell The Trend in his new udemy course, I knww we had to do an interview with him!  Joshua discovered e-commerce when he was a personal trainer and part time realtor living somewhat paycheck to paycheck.  He created his first million dollar ecommerce company at the age of 30.  Since then he has developed a couple of shopify applications and have started coaching ecommerce as well.

In this exclusive interview we learn a lot about Business, Marketing, SEO and even Dance!

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STT: When did you start out in ecom?

JZ: I started ecommerce in August of 2016.

STT: When did you have your first big success/winning product? what was the product?

JZ: After about 4 months of toying with ecom I starting taking it seriously and I found a winning product in the yoga niche.

STT: How much did you make on your first winning product?

JZ: The Profit off that one product was around $120,000 over 5 month

STT: Did you buy any toy/toys with your earnings?

JZ: I reinvested almost 100% of my earnings the first year to keep growing, however eventually I did get my dream car, the Shelby 350 GT

STT: Were there any hard moments/times before you made your breakthrough that you would like to share?

JZ: There were a lot of tough moments and mistakes made along the way.  I knew nothing at the time about setting up an LLC or how to run a business of this size.   Also, if there was software back then or the knowledge I have now of advertising, I would have easily made 2x as much profit.   First of all, my first shopify store pretty much failed.   I had spent about 2k in advertising and all I really got was some data on 2 products with very little sales.   The interesting part however was those 2 products that did sell were in a similar niche.    So,  I decided to build an actual niche store that I branded.  Those 2 products went on to do over 100k each in the first 6 months and became the launch platform for the brand.  It’s why I teach my students that the initial phase is just the testing phase to find your winners. You really only need 1-5 winning products to make a full living online.

STT: What is something that most people don’t know about you and they would be surprised to find out?

JZ: I am very passionate about dance.  In high school, I was a part of a hip hop dance crew that performed at our schools halftime shows. That crew went on to win MTV’s season 7 of America’s Best Dance Crew – The Electrolyte

STT: What does a typical day in your week look like?

JZ: I think most online coaches or gurus talk a lot about living the Internet lifestyle and not having to work hard.  Which I get when they are trying to sell a dream or course.  But truth is the “real internet lifestyle” isn’t about not working.   I work a lot, even on weekends sometimes.  But the benefit is, I don’t have to.  It’s about freedom to choose.   Most of us building businesses do it because we love the journey, the ups, and the downs, and the end result.   Every day is different.  Currently I have a blog business, online courses, SEO clients, 2 e-com stores, I’m developing applications and I still have a pretty chill life.

STT: What do you like to do when you are not working?

JZ: I work out every day.  I go to the beach twice a week.  I love movies and probably go to the theater 3 times a week.  I love spending time with friends and family every week, and aside from that I still create art when I can.

STT: What is the most important piece of advice you can give to new entrepreneurs starting out today?

JZ: Don’t look for get rich quick anything.  If that was real, everyone would have it.  Invest your time in things that build you a true asset.  E-commerce allows you to build a business that when done right your ads can run around the clock which means you can make money 24/7, and on top of that once your store is making money you can sell the company for a lot of money.   It’s the only way to eventually escape the rat race, but it doesn’t come for free.   It means for a little while you are going to have to sacrifice something.  Meaning some nights you can’t go to the bar with friends, you gotta build your business or you may have to put money into testing ads instead of buying those new shoes you love.   You have to do things differently than have been doing in the past to have a different result, but once you get there you can have all of that as much as you want.

STT: Anything new you are working on that you are excited about?

JZ: In 2019 I launched my Shopify Mastery Course for 2019 and  have been growing that along with our facebook community to over 2000 students! Also, My good friend Matt Byars joined the company and we are currently working on 2 new Shopify Applications. Over the Next 5 years we plan to continue to expand our shopify stores, keep teaching, building software, and we also building an Amazon FBA business. It’s been a very exciting journey and we are all very excited about the future


A Big Thank you goes out to Joshua for sharing some of his ecom journey with us.