Dropshipping Dog Products: A Definitive Guide 2021

Dropshipping Dog Products: A Definitive Guide 2021

The pet industry is vast and clearly shows that the taste in pet supplies, pet care, and pets vary from person to person. But whether you are a canine lover or a bird owner, all the pets need hygiene maintenance, a place to sleep, healthy foods, and above all, lots of love from you. 

If you are passionate about working in the pet industry, you would be surprised to know that people spent a whopping $103.6 billion money on pets in the United States. Moreover, the food market for pets is expected to reach $13.3 billion by the end of 2023.

Americans are pet lovers and more than 84.6 million people in the states own some kind of a pet. However, the pet industry is a lot more than just buying your favorite canine animals. You need pet supplies to ensure that they are getting healthy food, clean water, and sleep. 

This takes us to our main topic; selling wholesale pet supplies for passive income. 

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10 Pet Niche Product Trends In 2021

The pet industry stands out among people who are passionate about their pets and want to get everything to comfort them. Moreover, they prioritize buying wholesale pet supplies online rather than going to public stores. 

But dropshipping dog products can be overwhelming. One wrong product selection and your sales won’t boom. What are these dog owners buying for their pets? Let’s check out the hot-sellers before dropshipping pet supplies. 

Toiletries, Treats, And Dental Care Toys

Dropshipping Dog Products: A Definitive Guide 2021

All the quarantine time at home has allowed the dog owners to give extra attention to their pets’ breath. This explains the rising searches for dental toys. The teeth-cleaning treats, toiletries, and toys are becoming popular with each passing day, not to mention, dog toothbrushes. 

One of the main advantages of dropshipping dog products is that they serve a purpose, are cheap, and improve the standard of living for thousands of pets. For example, teeth-cleaning treats do everything the normal treats do for dogs except that they also offer dental hygiene. 

Besides, dental care treats are more attractive to pet owners than normal treats and toys. They are perfect for replacing poor-performing dog treats on your product page. 

Pet Beds 

Dropshipping Dog Products: A Definitive Guide 2021

Pet beds have been in trend for quite some time now. The countless searches and purchases have established a submarket: novelty pet beds. Pet beds go beyond floor pillows. Pet beds have fun themes and unique designs to attract thousands of dog owners. And, one advantage of dropshipping pet supplies is that high-end novelty pet beds come with hefty price tags. 

An extensive variety of pet beds are available for you to dropship- from modern-style chic beds to orthopedic pet beds. The more you understand your target customers, the better you sell the items. 

Multifunctional Biting Toys For Dogs 

Dropshipping Dog Products: A Definitive Guide 2021

Dropshipping dog products is a lucrative business approach because pet toys have a steady demand. However, new toys gain popularity at a faster rate than we can add them to our store. 

One such toy gaining massive popularity is the multifunctional biting toy. They might look simple to humans but they come in a variety of options and prove to be very entertaining for dogs. 

Furthermore, multi-functional biting toys are way easy to promote and market. Dropship them as multiple toys for the price of one and you are good to go. Using popular keywords, such as molar biting toys, self-playing dog toys or interactive biting dog toys will boom your sales too. 

Hamster Cage

Dropshipping Dog Products: A Definitive Guide 2021

Search results are showing a weird but growing interest in hamster cages for dogs. We don’t recommend dropshipping live animals in the mail but cages fit perfectly when you want to sell unique wholesale pet supplies. But we suggest testing the waters by including general dog products first. 

Dog Litter Mats 

Dropshipping Dog Products: A Definitive Guide 2021

Litter mats are surprisingly becoming popular in the e-commerce world. It is a no-brainer- the dogs that are not trained create a mess around the house. So, why not dropship a viable solution? You can add a variety of liter mats that differ in style, theme, and size. 

Personalized Dog Collars

Dropshipping Dog Products: A Definitive Guide 2021

Personalized dog products have a submarket of their own. It is okay to sell emotions if it means strengthening a personal connection between the pet owner and his canine pet. 

While dog collars are staple products to dropship; you can go the extra mile and sell personalized dog collars. A personalized collar includes a pet’s name, the owner’s details, etc. While the idea is new to the market, people are loving it.

The pet owners have to go to public dog stores to get personalized dog products. Why not save them the hassle and dropship their favorite personalized dog collars on their doorstep?

Dog Harness

Dropshipping Dog Products: A Definitive Guide 2021

A dog harness is one of the important pet accessories because it is used whenever pet owners have to take their canine friends for a long walk. Harnesses are becoming popular because it allows the owners to control their canine pets while providing an equal distribution of force. That being said, it is comfortable for both, the owner and the pet itself.

 The beauty of dropshipping harnesses is that every pet needs at least one. Moreover, you can dropship different sizes as they too, grow out of their harnesses when they transform from puppies to big dogs. 

Car Seat Protectors for Dogs 

Dropshipping Dog Products: A Definitive Guide 2021

The car seat protector is one of Amazon’s hot-seller products. It is growing in popularity and will soon become a must-have for all pet owners who love to take their dogs for frequent rides.

The seats have no protective fabric and removal or replacement of seat covering costs a lot of money. Pet owners are tired of removing the pet dander stuck all over their back seat. No price is too high for a solution through which they get to save their seats’ fabric while taking their dogs to frequent car rides. 

Pet Food 

Dropshipping Dog Products: A Definitive Guide 2021

According to resources, pet food sales are soaring in the sky. As of the current year, the food sales for dogs grew from 37.5% to 54.7%. There is a lot of variety in dog food. That means you can target your customers by dropshipping the dog food they want to buy. For instance, you can dropship organic food if your store gives off environmental or naturalistic vibes. If you have a fitness theme, you can dropship diet pet food. 

Dog Carrier Systems

Dropshipping Dog Products: A Definitive Guide 2021

Transporting a dog on a bicycle has always been a challenge for people. The trendy dog carriers would make it easy for your customers to travel with their favorite furry pets. Although the searches are low, this dog accessory is expected to become popular in the later years. 

Actionable Tips to Dropship Pet Supplies 

Dropshipping niche products are worthwhile and lucrative because you get to construct a better marketing strategy and utilize reduced resources due to a defined target audience. 

Dropshipping pet supplies will continue to make sense as long as there will be pets in households. It is a popular industry and the booming sales don’t show any signs of slowing down.

Take a look at the following actionable tips if you are considering dropshipping pet supplies:

Select A Product Range 

Selecting a complete range of products to dropship is your first step to breaking into the industry. Pet supply is a large category; therefore, you need to narrow down your choices. For instance, you can focus on outdoor dog accessories, such as harnesses, personalized dog collars, car seat protectors, etc.

When you know the types of the products to dropship, selection of the product range for your store becomes much easier. 

Select A Reputable And Reliable Supplier

Two major types of suppliers are:

  • Wholesalers
  • Manufacturers

A person who deals in wholesale pet supplies buys products from multiple manufacturers and offers them to dropshippers for a slight profit markup. Supply manufacturers often have dropshipping programs that you can join. 

Whereas, manufacturers make products and sell them to retail stores and wholesalers. The dropshipping programs of manufacturers allow you to get cheap pet supplies in bulk. 

You can also start by finding pet niche products that are trending on the market and then find the best suppliers for these products. 

This is where Sell The Trend shines. Sell The Trend is an AI based product discovery tool with hundreds of pet niche products ready for you to list on your store and start selling the same day. 

Dropshipping Dog Products: A Definitive Guide 2021

Moreover, you can also spy on your competitors store, Facebook & Insta ad copies, and SEO strategies.

Focus On The Target Market

You won’t make a profit if you don’t understand the user intent and the needs of the target audience. The best way to boom sales is to create buyer personas. It will help you get valuable information on psychographics, buying habits, and demographics of potential customers. 

Set Competitive Pricing 

The Pet Industry is an aggressive niche. While it has room for profit, selecting competitive prices is necessary. Ensure that you are getting the pet supplies at the lowest prices and dropshipping the dog products at competitive prices to get a profit. 

Use a markup strategy and include everything in the product’s price including the shipping fee, the marketing fee, the supplier’s fee, etc.

Capture Perfect Product Pictures

More than 67% of people have a staunch belief that pictures are important and more helpful than product descriptions.

Invest extra time in taking product photos from every angle. Showcase all the main features and convince the customers from the photography alone. 

Market the Right Way 

With your dropshipping store up and running, an important step is to develop a marketing strategy to create brand awareness, drive traffic and lure customers into buying your dog accessories. Take a start from social media and curate engaging content for the pet community. 

If that isn’t enough, give discounts and incentivizing gifts to pet owners while creating a strong social influence on the pet community. 


The pet industry will stand tall and remain lucrative as long as people will decide to keep pets. However, it is the selection of product range, competitive pricing, and the right network with reputable suppliers that keep your dropshipping business up and running.