The 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Dropshipping Success

The 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Dropshipping Success

As a dropshipping business owner, you are constantly looking for new ways to streamline your activity and you are eager to test any new features and apps that may help. Chrome is by far the most used browser, and it comes naturally that many extensions are based on it. Most probably you use it also as your main browser. As such, you may wonder what are the best Chrome extensions for dropshipping that can give you a hand.

Chrome extensions are very useful as they fasten the access to various features of interest and personalize your browsing experience. Consequently, they have a high potential of reducing the time allocated to routine tasks. Still, you have to pay attention not to install too many extensions as they will slow down your Chrome. Keep only the most frequently used. 

Without further ado here are The Best Dropshipping Google Chrome Extensions

Having a dropshipping business you are primarily interested in extensions that can potentially automate parts of the dropshipping process.

The Best Chrome Extensions for Dropshipping Automation

Sell The Trend Chrome Extension

If you are looking to simplify the management of your dropshipping business, Sell The Trend is what you need. A top-notch A.I.-based dropshipping platform that delivers exactly what you need, identification of winning products, fast product import, and simple order fulfillment in just one click.

No matter your platform, Shopify, WooCommerce, or other, this app sources for you real trending products, imports them into your store with complete descriptions and photos. Plus, it connects you with reliable suppliers and helps fulfill quickly the orders received. And all these operations are done in one single interface.

Sell The Trend constantly updates its app with new features and integrations.

Why should you use Sell The Trend?

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AutoDS Helper

AutoDS Helper is another useful tool helping automate most of the tasks related to your dropshipping store, from products discovery to import of products and suppliers selection. You can choose from over 20 suppliers located in the EU, US, and China.

Manage your orders, imports, and returns in a flawless manner, directly from your browser’s toolbar, and keep an eye on your business performance in one place. Feel free to test it, there is a free trial. 

With this extension, you can automatically import products in bulk to your store, find products based on keywords, extract products IDs, and delete Amazon addresses among others.

Why should you use AutoDS Helper?

  • Streamlines product research from multiple suppliers.
  • Automatic import and upload of products.
  • Minimize the time spent with order fulfillment.

Click here to install AutoDS Helper

The Best Extensions for Aliexpress Dropshipping


This is a free Chrome extension, that qualifies successfully on any best Chrome extensions for dropshipping list. Its role is to help you download all the details of a product from AliExpress in a few clicks. Get the images, the videos, the product description, and feedback images of an AliExpress product almost instantly. 

One notable feature of AliDownloader is that you can edit live the images and remove certain elements like the logo, without an external app.

Why should you use AliDownloader?

  • It allows you to download product images and videos fast.
  • You can edit the photos live inside the extension.
  • Images can be zipped for a better organization.

Click here to install AliDownloader

Facebook Pixel Helper

If you run any type of Ecommerce store most probably you are running some Facebook ads campaigns.    And even though this type of extension is extremely useful there is a good change that you have never head of it before.

This extension will help you check if your facebook pixel is firing correctly on all stages of the buying funnel.   Check if your pixel is working on your product pages all the way to your checkout pages.

As an added bonus, you can also check if other website have the facebook pixel installed which probably means they are running Facebook ads.  A quick trip to the Facebook Ads Library and you can easily spy on any ads they are running.  Just enter their domain name into the search.

Why should you use Facebook Pixel Helper?

  • save time by quickly finding out if your facebook pixel is working or not

Click here to install Facebook Pixel Helper

The Best Extension for Dropshipping Discounts 


PriceBlink can be helpful for e-commerce entrepreneurs as it shows the price range for a product, finds the products with the lower price across multiple retailers, and discounts coupons. 

For regular shoppers, this is a time and money saver and for business owners is helpful in price decisions. 

This app is popular and has been featured on world-renown channels like CBS News, NBC’s Today Show, LifeHacker, and USA Today.

Its main characteristics include instant price comparison, it finds the lowest price after checking a database of over 11,000 merchants including e-commerce mammoths as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. 

Why should you use PriceBlink?

  • It uncovers the lowest price and the range of price for a product on various retailers.
  • You can access quickly composite product ratings and find out buyers’ opinions.

Click here to install PriceBlink

 The Best Extensions for Competitor Insights


PowerAdSpy is an extension that aims to help you create profitable ad campaigns for your e-commerce business, via intelligence collected from your competition’s ads. It is the first app of this type with the largest database of reliable ads campaigns run on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, Reddit, Quora, Native, and GDN. 

You just have to set your audience, view the results, and implement the best practices that you notice in the most profitable ads.

Why should you use PowerAdSpy?

  • It helps you build successful ad campaigns without having to pay for split tests.
  • Get insights and inspiration from the most successful ads in your niche.

Click here to install PowerAdSpy

Commerce Inspector

Commerce Inspector is a tool revealing precious information about your competition and provides you with a competitive edge. When you visit a store that is compatible with Commerce Inspector Chome extension’s icon will light up and deliver insights allowing you to monitor your competitors. 

Among the details that you can get access to are products range, recent activity for products, the apps that the respective store uses, recent sales, and recent Facebook ads campaigns. 

Why should you use Commerce Inspector?

  • To “spy” on your competition and gather useful information concerning the products they launched recently, their bestsellers, and what apps they use.

Click here to install Commerce Inspector

Turbo Ad Finder

Do you have a sales strategy based mainly on Facebook ads? Then, this tool will inspire you. It lists and curates the Facebook ads of your competition, so, you can build a superior campaign. 

With Turbo Ad Finder you will have an easy-to-check Facebook feed composed of your favorite ads, or those of your competition that caught your attention. Use them as inspiration and extract the information that can help you create more profitable Facebook ads campaigns.

Why should you use Turbo Ad Finder?

  • To check on your competition’s Facebook ads campaigns, see what works best for them and get inspired.

Click here to install Turbo Ad Finder

The Best Extensions for Productivity


Todoist is a handy online organizer, used by over 25 million people to organize their daily tasks, collaborate on projects, and plan in advance. 

This app is very useful to help you put together your to-do lists, your daily tasks and to organize your projects together with your team directly from your browser. You can put reminders, insert tasks when they pop up, so you don’t skip on them, etc. Plus, it integrates with dozens of other apps like Dropbox, Slack, Evernote, Google Drive. 

Why should you use Todoist?

  • It helps organize your projects and stay on track of your tasks.
  • To keep up with your deadlines.

Click here to install Todoist

Google Keep

Save useful content with one click and synchronize it on all your devices to access it easily anytime and anywhere.

Organize and categorize the content you find to quickly find what you need. You can save virtually anything from articles, images, quotes, to other text pieces that you might find useful.

Why should you use Google Keep?

  • To save text, pages, images.
  • To write notes on the content you save and insert labels to remember your ideas.

Click here to install Google Keep

Additional Useful Extensions:


Spotting grammar and spelling errors in your product descriptions is not desirable. Grammarly is a life-saver when it comes to orthography and grammar and highlights eventual errors that might appear. 

Count on it to have product descriptions and web pages without any errors. Just activate the extension and your spelling mistakes will be revealed. 

Click here to install Grammarly


Have trouble remembering a myriad of passwords for the apps, emails, and tools you currently use? LastPass is a password manager and its browser extension is built to act as your password memory. It will automatically register all your passwords and fill them in when needed. You just have to remember one password, that of LastPass.

Click here to install LastPass

Ready to Take Your Dropshipping Store to the Next Level?

Take a close look at the best Google Chrome extensions for dropshipping listed above and particularly at those that can play a major role in your eCommerce business success like Sell The Trend. It has behind a very powerful platform that includes store intelligence, store automation, product research, dropshipping marketing tools, and more! Leverage them to bring your store to the next level.

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