10 Best Google Chrome Extensions You Need For Successful Dropshipping

 by Lisa W. - March 4th, 2020 | Last Updated on January 8th, 2021

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions You Need For Successful Dropshipping

Apps are the best tools that help entertain us, educate us, and help us manage time. We tend to spend more time on our mobiles, and hence, we invest in applications that cater to our needs and save us time. 

But if you have a dropshipping business, then your browser is your companion here. Entrepreneurs of dropshipping companies have to spend most of their time on the computer, to place orders, track orders, and follow through the transactions. 

All of this is indeed tedious and immensely time-consuming. Imagine customizing your browser in such a way that it becomes a tool more than anything else, to assist you in your dropshipping social ventures. There are plenty of features and online accessories that claim to make your job easier when it comes to dropshipping. 

71% of the world uses Google Chrome when it comes to doing their tasks. It was only time until companies started developing extensions for the Google Chrome browser to make lives a lot easier for Dropshipping businesses. 

In this post, we are going to talk about the best Chrome extensions that are resourceful for dropshipping business owners, that will make their lives a lot easier. With a wide range of applications to choose from, the following are the top 10 extensions that are a must to any and all dropshipping business owners.

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Table of Contents

1. AliExpress Product Image Downloader

The AliExpress Product Images Downloader extension is one of the useful tools that one can use while dropshipping with AliExpress. This extension allows you to download the product’s picture in high resolution. You would have to download this from the Google Chrome web store. Once that is done, you can click on the extension and locate under the product’s title, and download all the images of the shipment in one click. 

All these pictures will be downloaded to a folder automatically. You will have access to product pictures, including the variations in pictures. Once you have downloaded the images, you can use them on Shopify or Ebay. 

2. AutoDS Helper

The AutoDS Helper extension is also a very widely used product when it comes to dropshipping extensions. This extension will save you a lot of time when you are dropshipping anything. AutoDS Helper lets you export any product from any other source and lets you copy different addresses when you are processing the products manually. This saves a ton of time and slashes the extra work that you would have to do otherwise. 

3. AliExpress ePacket Finder

In the dropshipping business, you always have to be extra cautious when it comes to delivery time and shipping cost. Many business owners end up paying large amounts and delaying many packages. To counter this, AliDropship recommends owners to the AliExpress ePacket Finder. 

This extension allows you to sort products on AliExpress exclusive sellers who offer ePacket delivery. You are also given the freedom to sort products and other applications based on the country of delivery.

4. Price Blink 

The PriceBlink is a resourceful extension that shows you the availability of any coupons for AliExpress. You can use PriceBlink extension in any other supplier, including AliExpress.

PriceBlink can give you up to 40% off and sometimes even more, depending on the type of coupon. 

5. Sell The Trend

The Sell The Trend Chrome Extension is a great addition to the Sell The Trend App.   It will allow you to easily add trending products to your store by simply clicking on the product and importing it.  From the Sell The Trend app you can also use this extension to 1-click fulfill your orders on the Aliexpress Website.  This extension really takes things to the next level by automating your dropshipping life!

6. Turbo Ad Finder

Looking at ads is very annoying, and especially targeted ads get on everyone's nerves after a certain point. But what happens when the tables are turned? When you want to create an ad for your dropshipping social business coming up with an idea to advertise your company become rather tough.

 The Turbo Ad Finder is a good extension to help you find and look at ads exclusively. This is a spying extension, so all the Facebook and other social media posts will vanish, and this extension would only display all the ads on any page. A fast way to get ads for inspiration. 

7. WebTipster

The WebTipster is an online tool or Google Chrome extension that gathers vital information from all the competitors online and gives you a lot of details on their dropshipping operations. This extension is mostly used for research purposes like finding sellers who are selling the same products as yours. You can compare prices, reviews, and other offers that are available on other online retail stores. 

8. Google Keep

Google keep was actually developed for writing down notes, ideas, and other thoughts. But more than anything else, Google keep is an that works like a notepad. When operating a dropshipping business, you have to keep track of a lot of things. So, with this extension, noting down important information has never been easier. 

9. Commerce Inspector

The Commerce Inspector is also one of the popular extensions on Google Chrome. This extension analyzes all online stores and different platforms, to display only useful data such as the store’s best selling products, latest products, worst products, and products most in demand but out of stock. With the help of this Chrome extension, you can keep a keen eye out for your competitors. 

10. Todoist

Todoist is a Google Chrome extension that is specifically developed to help you organize your work and everyday routine. Every dropshipping business has its own deadlines and procedures to maintain when there is shipment happening. Keeping track of all this might get a little stressful, and hence, Todoist is here to help you track your time in the most chaotic of times.


Extension help make our business lives easier. With new updates on extensions coming out every six months, just makes any dropshipping business more productive. Many of these extensions have multiple purposes, so you can use them in your private life and professional life as well.     

By Lisa W.

Lisa is an integral part of the Sell The Trend Family. She has a keen eye for spotting products right before they become big winners!

Discover Thousands of Winning Dropshipping Products in Multiple Niches

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