Does Shopify Have Suppliers?

Does Shopify Have Suppliers?

Yes, Shopify most certainly allows for suppliers. 

You can find dropshipping Suppliers for your Shopify store either through the numerous apps such as Sell The Trend that connect to Shopify or outside sources such as from other dropshipper friends. 

We have specifically discussed three different types of apps that Shopify has registered as its dropshipping products suppliers. 

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1 . Oberlo

When it comes to dropshipping shopping apps, Oberlo usually turns out to be the most popular choice. This is because Oberlo was smart enough to get ahead of the game. The company created an interface that allows for automatic syncing of products, allows its users to track orders as it’s on its way, and makes the information of the product available on its customer’s Shopify store. 

The success that Oberlo has produced actually has Shopify including information for new stores without any prompting on the need to download the app. 

The catalog for products is vast and you can find stuff from every kind of category possible. It also allows its users to decide on the places they want the shipping of the product restricted to so the user doesn’t face any unexpected problems. 

The product listing also allows its users to see if the products are popular among other users and what other store has it on. In general, Oberlo is a wonderful dropshipping supplier for Shopify and the perks increase exponentially with each upgrade in plans. 

2. Printful

Printful is a little different from other wholesale suppliers. Most Shopify related apps allow its users to choose from a large selection of products and suppliers. Your store can practically become either the house of the trendiest product or the most niche ones. Printful, on the other hand, is a supplier app that depends on demands and printing. 

It is a combination of the world of dropshipping and custom printing. You can sell items such as mugs, t-shirts, bedsheets, and so on through this. It already has a huge collection of customized printing products from different suppliers that you can incorporate into your Shopify website. On top of that, you can start selling some of your own designs on the Shopify store by uploading them on Printful. 

First, you will have to choose the kind of products you specifically want to sell and then, upload your own designs for it. When an order is placed, it is Printful that takes care of both the delivery and the printing. 

There isn’t exactly a limit to the kind of products you can customize. It can be stickers, phone cases, flip-flops, anything. 

3. Modalyst

At first, Modalyst appears to be like any other Shopify app that contains suppliers of a vast number of products. The difference is that the focus is on brand names only. 

Yes, the price certainly sky-rockets because of the brand names. At the same time, though, you can be certain of the quality of your product. Not to mention, a lot of people specifically buy branded products so you can target them. If you put in some research, you will also find items on the cheaper side. 

We hope you find this list of the best three Shopify suppliers helpful for your dropshipping business!