What is Blind dropship?

What is Blind drop ship?

Blind drop ship is a method used by novice shippers to hide the third-party supplier’s name from the customers. In other words, the shipper reveals only his name and address on the packing slip. It is a constantly used method that is developing the e-commerce industry. 

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How to do blind dropshipping on AliExpress- Blind drop shipping explained

By default, all the suppliers from AliExpress include the invoice with the product’s package. The invoice is sure to get your customers angry once they will know of the price difference. All you need to do is switch to blind drop shipping by requesting the third-party supplier to not include any kind of marketing material or the original invoice in the package. 

On many dropshipping platforms, you have the option to leave instructions for the supplier. You can coordinate with your supplier and ask him to assist you in blind drop shipping. The instruction you’d give to the supplier will automatically be applied and your customer won’t know the company name of the supplier, let alone the original price of the product. 

Pros of blind dropshipping

  • Blind drop shipping protects your company’s interests and rights
  • You won’t be worried about the customers contacting the supplier directly to buy the product
  • Blind drop ship builds a customer’s trust as the customers trust shippers who have an inventory of their own 
  • Your customers will never know the price difference
  • It provides consistency to shippers looking to turn their stores into a lucrative dropshipping business

Cons of blind dropshipping

  • The blind drop ship procedure can get costly
  • Longer shipping times
  • You have to prepay the shipping fee
  • Blind drop shipping documents are exchanged via email, so, the error of chances increase

If you are a novice shipper looking to make a profit off your e-commerce business, it is best to blind drop ship.