What is the Difference between all the different NEXUS Categories like Hot Products and Trending Products?

Hot Products are products that have shown a lot of interest from buyers.  These could be products that might be more proven if they are a bit older and have a lot of stores selling.  You might see some products that came into our system 6+ months ago, but only now are trending as more people start advertising and selling these products.

Trending Products are hot products that have shown a lot of interest in a more recent time frame, usually within the last 30 days.

On The Rise are products that are new to our system and are showing signs of being future winners.  

New Products are new products coming into our system.

NEXUS all products will give you access to all the products that are in the NEXUS.  Come here if you are having a hard time locating a particular product or trying to search for something specific and want to see the most amount of options. 

All of these NEXUS products are valid for testing and that is why we include all of them.

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