Manual Process to Update Order Info

Updating Aliexpress Order ID Manually

Once you have completed the order process on aliexpress.  If you return to Sell The Trend and you notice that Logo is still spinning and the Ali Order No has not been auto filled in, you can manually add it in by doing the following:

1. Go to Aliexpress order page

2. locate the order you just placed and grab the order id

3. Got back to Sell The Trend Orders page, click on Ali Order No and enter that order id

Fulfilling Order Manually

If you are having an issue where when you click Get Tracking Code, you get a message saying  "Tracking Info Found, updating..." but then Sell The Trend logo spins and does not fulfill the order, then you can fulfill the order manually.  follow the following procedure:

1. Go to aliexpress order page

2. locate the order you just placed and click View Detail

3. grab the tracking number in the Logistics Section

4. Go to Shopify Admin Orders page for that order and click Mark as fulfilled.  In the window that pops up, enter the tracking id you grabbed from Aliexpress Logistics section and then click "Fulfill Items" on the right.

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