Correcting the This Order Cant be shipped from your location error.

After the customer has added products to their shopify cart and is ready to check out, they encounter on the shipping selection page a message that says

"This order can’t be shipped to your location. Contact the store for more information."

This error is caused by missing shipping rates usually as they relate to international customers, but not always.  In this article we go through the steps required to resolve this issue

1. Login to your Shopify store, click the Settings button, then select Shipping and Delivery from the list of options.

2. At the top of the Shipping and Delivery page, click the Manage Rates button found in the upper right hand corner of the General Shipping Rates section.

3. At the very bottom of the Manage Rates page, click the Add Rates button.

4. Review the information on the window that pops up.  Either select "Use same rates as" a working set of rates, or click to create new rates if no good rates have already been setup. then click the Done button. 

5. The final step will to be to click the Save button at the top of the page to ensure that all changes are saved.

That's it.  The checkout process should now continue as usual.

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