Winning Product Fridays Episode 123

Chrome Mirror Marker CoverWelcome to another episode of winning product Fridays. Our AI-Based product research machine found another blockbuster with 2100+ orders within the last 30 days.

This silver mirror marker is an all-rounder designing kit for DIYers. People are decorating their shoes, helmets, outdoor gear, and other handy products with this mirror market.

Keep reading and learn why we added this product to our winning product Friday’s episode.

Why This Product?

First, the product is unique, and you don’t see Facebook ads of silver mirror markers every day. So, your audience won’t hesitate to spend $20+ on this silver mirror marker. Some other reasons why you should add it to your décor niche Shopify store are:

Cool Factor

This mirror marker is a game-changer for giving a new look to your favorite gadgets. I have seen people decorating their motorcycle helmets, cameras, mobile phone covers, and even using it to write beautiful notes.

So, it does have that cool factor that makes people click on the “Check Out” button. It creates a real mirror effect on almost all smooth surfaces. Sounds good?

Awesome Stats

The product costs only $2.62 and dropshippers are selling it for $27+. That’s a $25 profit margin and it already has $183,176 in sales.

Sell The Trend Dashboard

It has over 2100 orders within the last 30 days – these orders are from Shopify suppliers that we’re tracking.

Silver Mirror Marker Sales Chart


Moreover, it was last added to a Shopify store within the last 30 days. So, dropshippers are still considering it a winning product. It is not over-saturated in the market and still has the potential to bring a good number of orders.

Silver Mirror Marker Orders Chart


EverGreen Product

Finally, it is not seasonal. I mean, you can sell this product throughout the year.

Facebook Ads

Curious if this will do any good on Facebook Ads? Well, brands are already promoting this silver mirror marker on Facebook and selling dozens of these every day. Have a look:

Silver Mirror Marker Facebook Ad

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