Dropshipping T-Shirts In 2021- Best T-Shirts Dropshipping Companies

Dropshipping T-Shirts In 2021- Best T-Shirts Dropshipping Companies

T-shirts are one of the popular and versatile clothing items. The global market of t-shirts is estimated at $1 trillion. As of 2021, it is still thriving and growing. However, the t-shirt is dominated by big brands. However, there are endless prints, styles, and t-shirt design ideas yet to be discovered. Therefore, there’s plenty of business opportunities for e-commerce entrepreneurs and dropshippers to have a label of their own.

Why dropship t-shirts?

If you manage to find a creative niche within the print-on-demand shirt industry, you won’t only make sales but can also be the next big clothing label.

But why choose to work on t-shirt design ideas? Why not sell denim? Well, t-shirts are easy to ship, lightweight, and quite inexpensive to produce. If you want to break into the clothing industry, startingmo with wholesale t-shirts is the best idea. Know your quality, what your sell, your audience, and you are good to break in.

That being said, it is quite challenging for a novice dropshipper to execute the printing and fulfillment services. But the good news is, there are print on demand sites that you can partner up with. Instead of worrying about expensive operations, you can focus on t-shirt design ideas, customer service, and marketing.

Best print on demand sites for dropshipping t-shirts in 2021

The best print on demand sites offer a unique dropshipping model. However, the company you choose for buying wholesale t-shirts will depend on several factors. For instance, it’s best to consider the timeliness, the embossing, and the direct-to-garment printing techniques of a company. Other than that, you should prioritize a company ready to promote your t-shirt design ideas.

Let’s move to our top picks for 2021:


Printful is one of the best print on demand sites in this landscape. It offers everything to a novice dropshipper- from 20% discounts on sample products to easy integrations with your Amazon and Shopify stores.

Printful is a strong competitor in the landscape due to its fast delivery times. Therefore, you can boost customer relationships by promising the products in minimal time.

Another star-feature is that you can check your t-shirt design ideas in advance, all thanks to its in-built mock generator.

However, you would have to pay a small fee for all the fulfillment and packaging services. It is hard to state one price for their services. When it comes to POD companies, they charge for what you buy.

Advantages of choosing Printful 

  • Quick delivery time (2 to 5 working days)
  • Quick integrations with a bunch of website design tools
  • Whole t-shirts with cheap shipping rates
  • Mock-up generator to cross-check your t-shirt design ideas
  • A wide selection of organizers to help you with files on the back-end

Cons of choosing Printful 

  • Shipping plug-ins for WooCommerce are difficult to integrate
  • A user can’t override shipping settings (for Shopify store)

If you are a new entrepreneur, looking for a well-rounded solution, Printful is the option for you.

Dropshipping T-Shirts In 2021- Best T-Shirts Dropshipping Companies


Printify is yet another impactful POD company with a large vendor network. You can print on anything; starting from t-shirts to tote bags and leggings. Alongside incredible custom printing services, Printify sources its products from across the globe. That’s how you know they only deal in high-end products.

All you have to do is choose a Printify partner and they will handle the rest; from production and packaging to fulfillment services.

With embroidery, direct-to-garment printing, sewing, and cutting options, Printify allows you to bring your catalog to life.

If you want a consistent 20% discount on all your orders, switch to the premium plan.

Pros of choosing Printify

  • A wide selection of printing providers
  • A flexible yet business-friendly business model for novice dropshippers
  • More than 200 products to choose from
  • An easy yet intuitive platform to work on your label

Cons of choosing Printify 

  • It does not integrate with several website design tools, as compared to Printful
  • Lack of marketing and branding services
  • The print quality greatly depends on the provider you work with

If you are a running business looking to find screen and direct-to-garment printing services, Printify is best for you.

Print Aura

Dropshipping T-Shirts In 2021- Best T-Shirts Dropshipping Companies

Print Aura is an incredible choice for print on demand dropshipping. It specifically provides well-rounded solutions for beginners. Print Aura allows you to print a variety of products under your label. The customer experience is very similar to Printful as it offers a variety of shipping options.

Its plan allows you to print at affordable prices along with exceptional customer service. Moreover, it offers additional options to upgrade your packaging.

So, if you are running a label of your own, Print Aura can enhance your brand image.

You can also integrate WooCommerce, BigCommerce, OpenCart, and Shopify with the company’s website as well. This means that mock-ups and product loading could not get any easier.

Like Printful, the charges you would pay will depend on the products you choose to sell.

Pros of choosing Print Aura

  • A wide selection of wholesale t-shirts at affordable prices
  • No monthly and set-up costs
  • Easy website building and integration services
  • API to add the well-rounded solution to your existing website design tools
  • In-built mock-up generator

Cons of choosing Print Aura

  • Few processes are outdated
  • Sublimation is not available
  • The processing and ordering process is not upfront

Print Aura is ideal for an entrepreneur looking to start his own label with a variety of print on demand products.


Dropshipping T-Shirts In 2021- Best T-Shirts Dropshipping Companies

While TeeSpring started as an ordinary POD dropshipping website, it is now one of the leading companies in the market. As the POD dropshipping market evolved, the company evolved as well. As of now, the company provides every print on demand item- from wholesale t-shirts and tank tops to socks, home décor, tote bags, and much more.

But what makes it stand out in the market? Creating mock-ups is extremely easy with TeeSpring. You can use TeeSpring’s design tool to check any item virtually.

Other than that, TeeSpring handles all the operations for you including product management and shipping processes. Besides, the boosted network allows finding a wide number of customers to sell the t-shirts faster.

However, you have to choose the campaign length for each item, which can be confusing for beginners.

Pros of choosing TeeSpring

  • Exceptional ordering processes
  • A great company to promote exclusive t-shirt design ideas
  • Campaign lengths to promote each product
  • Easy-to-use tools at the back-end

Cons of choosing TeeSpring

  • Limited space to create a design at the back and front of the shirt
  • Few design limitations on TeeSpring’s server
  • Custom t-shirt designs won’t last long on TeeSpring


Dropshipping T-Shirts In 2021- Best T-Shirts Dropshipping Companies

Gooten is also a popular choice for branding options. Like other companies, it allows you to sell custom t-shirt design ideas with the help of POD dropshipping items.

Gooten handles everything; from fulfillment services to packaging and shipping. Moreover, the automated system allows you to track your deliveries as well. If you want a good profit margin, Gooten is one of the leading platforms to grow your business.

Pros of choosing Gooten

  • Excellent dashboard
  • A wide variety of sales options
  • Automated product-tracking service to improve customer service
  • Integrated with all the leading e-commerce platforms

Cons of choosing Gooten

  • Pricing is not exact
  • You have to do all the marketing and promotions


When it comes to selecting a POD dropshipping company, there is no shortage of options. However, it is best to select a company that offers a well-rounded solution for your t-shirt dropshipping store.

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In case of any further questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a reply or contact us.